What? What?! Whatever; I don’t care.

chickenpunctuation2I worked with a person whose job was marketing and promotion and much of their responsibility was editing copy submitted from staff for various brochures web sites and such and the one thing she absolutely despised was exclamation points she would say we are not that excited about anything here you can write copy that conveys enthusiasm without being cute about it oh and don’t use the word fun we arent having fun its too easy to have fun think of other words you know synonyms youve heard of those of course you have a high school diploma and a college degree.

When “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” came out, it shouldn’t be any surprise that my co-worker was inundated with copies of the book, as well as unending questions as to whether she’d heard of it or read it. I imagined she had a shrine to William Saffire in her home, surrounded by various editions of Strunk and White’s “Elements of Style.”

There is nothing more intimidating than punctuation. I routinely agonize over my comma use because…(sigh)…there’s nothing more challenging for me than my propensity for run-on sentences. That’s why I like semi-colons. They let me get away with a lot, which is exciting! For me, it makes writing more FUN!!

(So there).

8 thoughts on “What? What?! Whatever; I don’t care.

    1. ;^)… which is my other favorite use of a semi-colon. Thank gawd for emoticons, otherwise there’d be a lot of people who would completely misunderstand our meaning, yes?


        1. Now, if anyone can explain the pink poodle “emoticon” my Android now comes equipped with…how is a pink poodle an expression? This stuff is getting worse than the hashtag thing.


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