Icat blanket soup’m sure the WP Daily Prompt crew knows that “cat,” “soup,” and “beach blanket” aren’t entirely an unheard of combination. Two of the three, in whatever combination, have been imagined before. Here are some examples I found on a simple internet search for “beach blanket cat” and “cat soup” (which is also the title of an anime series, as it turns out).

The one thing that doesn’t seem to come together in any sort of logical, or even nonsensical way, is soup and a beach blanket, and absolutely no one—at least no one who has posted anything to the internet, as unbelievable as that sounds—has come up with Soup Cat on a Beach Blanket.

cat soup on beach blanket with purseAs you can see, even in the weird meme world, it doesn’t really work. But, here we all are; pioneers blazing an internet trail with our submissions to the Beach Blanket Soup Cat Bingo prompt.

“That awesome sauce is toootally cray cray. lol! (pink poodle, sunglasses, thumbs up)”

7 thoughts on “#BeachBlanketSoupCatBingo

      1. LOL, sure, as long as the cat is in it,I’m ready for it. 😀

        You surely did brighten up my day!


        As I said,you nailed the DP today!

        I’m waiting for more, but this time I will make sure that I’m not eating while I’m reading… 😀


  1. Soup Cat Goes to the Beach. Sounds like a great title for a book of short stories.
    There is a series of children’s books in the UK about a dog named “What a Mess”. If my memory serves one of those books was named “What a Mess Goes to the Beach”. My kids loved those books!

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