Alphabetically, I Digress…

abc-blocksThe 365 eBook prompted the same last July.

Alphabet Soup
After thinking of what I might write, given the parameters of the prompt, I decided the only thing for it was to go for a stream of consciousness piece. Before I started, though, I thought I ought to think of a topic. Continuing on without a particular subject or point of argument could prove boring to the reader, except that they may have fun simply seeing how I fare. Decidedly, the piece that can be written with both substance and the technique required of the prompt should be left to those more capable than I. Everyone will just have to suffice with what I am able to do.

Forging my thoughts into a piece that has 26 sentences that each begin with a letter of the alphabet, in order from A to Z, is tough. Going through one idea, tossing it out, coming up with another, trying to make it all fit the process is difficult. Help from another would be welcome, that’s for sure. It’s times like these that collaboration would really shine.

Judging by my progress so far, I seem to be doing OK, though I’m just barely through half the alphabet (and beginning half of those sentences with “-ing” words, which is sort of lazy). Keeping with the stream of consciousness theme is proving a wise choice. Let’s see, however, if I really am able to manage to grasp onto a subject other than that of the prompt. Maybe I’ll even start to use a more sophisticated vocabulary (though I doubt that very much).

Nearly all day long it’s been raining, which is a good break from the dry spell we’ve been having this past month, but sad on a mid-summer’s day. Often it rains in my part of the world, at least that is the lore, but only if you compare it to, say, a desert (which can also get a lot of rain, but all of it in one day, as opposed to the drizzly dampness that we get over the course of a year). Probability dictates the sun will return by tomorrow and with it the warmer temps (OK, enough with the weather report).

Question is what other topic to move onto (pausing to think…)? Recipe for banana bread?

Standard recipe for banana bread is, of course, mashed banana, and then flour, soda, salt, sugar, butter, eggs, and maybe cinnamon and nuts. Take all that and first whip together the butter, sugar and eggs, then, separately, the dry ingredients, then blend in banana with butter mixture, and finally add dry ingredients and stir all together. Unload (because “pour” does not begin with the letter “u”) the mixture  into a bread pan and bake at 325 for about an hour. Very tasty stuff (though I encourage you to look up an actual recipe with measurements and such).

Well, I made it to the end of the alphabet, and of course, the most difficult bunch of letters.

Xystus was the Greek architectural term for the covered portico of the gymnasium, in which the exercises took place during the winter or in rainy weather, etc.,” according to Wikipedia.

You didn’t know that, did you (and yes, I copped out and went online to look up any word besides Xerox and Xylophone that starts with “x”).

Zooming now to the end of this zaniness, I have to say this was not as difficult as I thought it would be. And, now that I’m at the end, I can honestly say it was fun to write. Because writing is a lot of fun! C?  ;^)