Waning Summer / Waxing Fall

summer to fallThe transition from summer to fall is a time of year  I like the most.  I like that it is a bit quieter and less frantic, now that everyone is back in school and back to work. But most importantly, I love autumn colors. So much so, I do not ever feel low as summer starts to fade away.

The other wonderful thing about this time between seasons is that the weather is still lovely, so time at a beach or a park, or dining al-fresco is still enjoyable. The nights begin to cool off, so a full nights’ rest returns. I can get back to wearing clothes I feel more comfortable in than my summer wardrobe.

I am energized in the fall. The vibrant glory of autumn color never fails to take my breath away. As the days and nights continue to cool, I start to yearn for cozy fires and comfort food. There’s an intimacy to fall that the other seasons don’t inspire.  So, welcome fall! My favorite time of year.