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trio 41) One recent crisp, bright fall morning, I was walking the dog when a car came speeding down the street on the wrong side of the road. I called 911 on my cell phone to make a report.

2) A crisp, bright car caught my attention one morning while walking the dog. I speed-dialed a friend to let them know I suddenly had an inspiration to go on a road trip this weekend.

3) The phone rang early in the morning. It was my boss. “So,” she said crisply . “Are you coming in today, or what?” My mind raced through a litany of snarky come-backs, like a speeding car at the Grand Prix. “No,” I replied. “It’s Veteran’s Day,” I brightly chided.

4) Speeding through my list of to-dos over a cup of coffee, I remembered I had also made an appointment to take the car into the shop the next morning. While my car was in the shop, I had the bright idea to spend the day shopping for a new pair of shoes and the perfect crisp, white spring blouse.

5)   “Phone!” I yelled from the shower.

“Speeding Car!” he yelled back.


“Speeding Car!” he repeated.

“The phone! It’s ringing! Answer it!” I clarified.

“Speeding car!” he yelled once again, and with that the phone went to voice mail. Whoever was calling was forced to leave a message.

Later that night I asked, “What was all that about a speeding car this morning?”

“Dunno,” he said. I stared at my son, wondering how long this phase would last.

“Who called, anyway?”




“What’d ol’ cousin Crisp want this time?” I joshed.

“He had some bright idea about something stupid, same friggin’ dumb stuff I guess.”

“Don’t say ‘friggin’…Did he leave a message?” I waited for the reply I knew wasn’t coming without more prodding. I waited a few seconds longer anyway.


“What?! God…yeah, I guess! I hung up. I didn’t listen.”

Picking up the phone to call my brother to find out why his son called this morning, I sighed. When in God’s Good Heaven is this pissant phase going to pass?


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