Opened and Closed!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/16x9_620/hi-office-cubicle.jpg“OK. So,” Adella said, “Nobody’s here.”

Derek, Mike and Nicky stood where they were, and looked at her.

Adella shook her head, “I mean, like, nobody called, no fucking calls…”

“Nope,” Mike snapped.

The office was completely empty except for the four of them. “How is this possible? For fuck’s sake…” Adella turned around and looked at the front desk. Even Madison wasn’t here.

“I mean, like, they all knew,” Derek said, “right?”

“Of course they…who the fuck didn’t…of course they knew!” Adella said.

“Seriously, dude,” Nicky said, “this is so freakin’ random.”

Adella whipped around and gave him a look.

“What’a we do? Seriously? Like…” Nicky trailed off in thought.

Adella was rolling through a list of options in her head. “Well,” she finally ventured, “I guess it’s up to us, right?”

The other three glanced at her in disbelief and then at each other.

“No fuckin’ way, man,” Mike said. “Seriously, like, how the hell are we,” frantically pointing at each person there, “just us…supposed to pull off the whole fuckin’ thing?!”

Adella smiled. “You think we can’t pull this shit off?”

An argument exploded, and for the next 20 minutes Adella, Mike, Nicky and Derek debated, accused, and cursed out each other, and everyone who wasn’t there.

Ultimately, they all agreed. On the door they would post a notice: “We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to circumstances beyond our control…”

So much for the big deal grand opening.

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