Just stick your nose in that

Smell_RockUSautéing garlic while preparing dinner. Freshly ground, or brewing coffee in the morning. The salt air coming up off the bay on my drive home from work (I roll down my window in anticipation of it almost every day).

There is a small potted lavender plant on my deck and I love to rub the leaves in my fingers and breath in deep its piney, herby smell. I do the same with mint leaves, cilantro, lemon verbena, and freshly ground nutmeg. A whiff of honeysuckle, jasmine or eucalyptus will catapult me back into childhood quicker than anything else. Christmas tree greens and baking chocolate chip cookies are always a source of happiness. And, of course, I not only love, but thoroughly appreciate the ever-beautiful scent of a rose.

I have a very old, empty bottle of my mother’s favorite perfume I take out and sniff whenever I need a little mom moment. She used to tuck those old bottles into the corners of all her dresser drawers, so all her clothes had a subtle smell of her perfume. My father kept an ornamental Meyer Lemon tree in their sun room, and when it bloomed, it filled the entire room with the most incredible pungent, fragrant sweetness. It was like walking through a field of giant lilies. I smell any citrus blossom and I am instantly transported to that sun room.

But, of all smells in this world, there’s nothing like the salt air off of the sea to calm or comfort me, and make me smile.

Originally posted in response to: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/nosey-delights/ . Re-posted in response to: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/smell-you-later/

6 thoughts on “Just stick your nose in that

  1. Love this!

    Smell is so powerful. The whiff of warm pine needles brings me back to my happiest days at summer camp. The smell of Maja soap is my childhood and what my mother used — it was so funny to discover that my husband knew that soap from his childhood as well. I just treated myself to a new fragrance so new memories to come…


    1. Why, thank you! BTW…summer camp instant memory is not only pines, but the call of the Blue Jay. I’m instantly catapulted to that place and time smelling pine and hearing the Blue Jay (I’m a “left coasty” but we got them things ’round these parts, too).


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