Inside Picture Prompt Studio

[from questions featured on BRAVO cable channel’s program “Inside the Actor’s Studio,” based on the “Proust” personality questionnaire.]

What sound or noise do you hate?
Bombs. And rockets. The sound they make whilst dropping; that bloody hideous whistle. The explosion, the planes; that bloody grumbling sound. The bloody air raid sirens…all of it.
What sound or noise do you love?
Pages of books turning in the pitch-perfect, reverent silence of a bookstore or public library.

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
What? Jeb! Jeb?! You get that?
Lady wants to know what turns you on!
That wasn’t…OK, OK, you guys, whatever…moving on. What turns you off?
What, you don’t wanna know what turns Jeb on?… JEB!?
Yeah, what? Girls! Girls turn me on…What?!
That’s not the question, asshole. What pisses you off?
That’s not actually what I asked…
(waves her off) JEB!
WHAT?! I thought the question was what turns me on. Girls turn me on!
No, no. Now the lady wants to know…(looks at her for confirmation)…what turns you off?
You do, you sonofabitch! Shut the hell up. We playin’ here or what?
OK, fellas…that’s…whatever… one last question though…
What is your favorite curse word?
(talking over each other)  We don’t swear in front of women. Fuck you. Forget about it you sonofabitch, we swear all the fuckin time, you playin or what?! The hell wit’ dat, jus shut da hell up. Wha…why did you do that? HA! Gotcha you you sonofabitch! is your favorite word?
Yes, yes. Hello. I’m here. You can see me? Here I am!
Yes, I can…you see me?
Yes, yes. Of course.
So…your favorite word?
Oh, yes, good, yes, well, that would be, “rampart.”
Ah. Of course. And what is your least favorite word?
Graffiti. I mean, look at me, yes? I look perfectly fine without makeup, so why bother? No?

[Repsonse to The Blog Propellant: prompts that give your blog a little propulsion/Picture Prompt #16]

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