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Screenshot 2015-06-24 19.53Last night I was feeling a little levity was needed: Lately work has been a regular morale buster; I came across the very first string of angry comments I’ve ever read online on a blog I follow; and yesterday one of my closest friends announced they are moving across country. Put these things together with the list of things that bring my mood down on a regular basis, and it’s fair to say I was feeling a bit desperate for something to make me smile.

If the real world around me was bent on bringing me down, then I’d turn to my virtual world for a little laugh. So curled up on the couch with the good ol’ laptop and revisited a writing prompt I had sitting in the The Blog Propellant draft file about humor. I polished up the post, “Wayward Wednesday: Humor Me,” and got a good night’s sleep. The next morning I gave it the once-over, clicked on “Publish” and headed off to work.

Per usual, I fired up my work computer before sitting down at my desk, poured a refill in my travel mug of coffee, said my good mornings to whomever was around, and then started perusing email.

I had sent a notice the day before about an event I coordinate for my organization. The notice informed recipients that all event information was up-to-date on the website and that registration for the event opens the end of July. These email notices always come with out-of-office auto replies, a few requests to be removed from our email list, and a couple of requests for additional information, etc., so I clicked on a reply that read in its subject line: “Should we go?”

The email had the notice I’d sent about the event below its message, which simply read, “This looks like a really great thing. I’d love to go. I really want to do this. I really want to do this with you. What do you think?”

I looked at who sent the message. It was no one I knew. I couldn’t help myself and let out a loud laugh. You see, the thing about first-thing-in-the-mornings at work is that my boss and I, who share an office space, typically keep quietly to ourselves as we read email and get organized for the day ahead. My out-loud laugh ripped open our otherwise calm and quiet mornings.

“Read this!” I insisted.

“Who is it?” my boss asked.

“I have no clue! Oh, my God… this is…”

My boss started laughing as well. “It’s like one of those gross email solicitations for online sex or something!”

“I mean,” I was still laughing, “how desperate do you have to be…”

The giggle fits grabbed a hold of both us and we could not stop laughing. I know, I know, it’s one of those you-had-to-be-there scenarios, but if you knew how not sexy (however otherwise…engaging?) the event I organize is, it would strike you as completely weird/crazy to see a proposition in response to a notice about the upcoming event registration.

What I couldn’t get out of my mind was the fact I had just posted the prompt to write something humorous because I was feeling the need for a good laugh. By total coincidence, here I was laughing, a lot, and at work; the one place that was in desperate need of an infusion of a happy, lighter attitude. For this reason alone it did my soul good to see my boss in stitches. I egged her on a bit more, making goofy remarks like, “it’s the best offer I’ve had in ages!” and the like. We promised to make it our inside joke anytime we are obligated to attend a horribly boring meeting. “Not only would I love to go,” I smirked at her, “I’d love to go with you!”

As we were joking around, but also agreeing we had to remove the man’s email address from our list (the policy re: inappropriate behavior also extends to anyone who interacts with our organization), I got another email from him:

“Hello. I just realized I replied to your message rather than forwarding it to my friend. I am very sorry!! I’m sure you are very confused. Again, I’m so sorry!”

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