No, the name’s not The Blog “Repellent” (sigh)

A reader emailed me asking why I chose the title, The Blog Propellant for my writing & photography prompt site. Word Press Daily Prompt  recently asked bloggers how they chose the name they gave their blog and I replied to that prompt in a flagrantly flippant treatise regarding the name of this blog, by LRose; a response that was probably better suited for an April Fool’s Day post. But, as the emailer pointed out, I ought to have replied with how I came  up with, The Blog Propellant: Prompts to give your writing and photography a little propulsion.

The name came about through a chain of events. The first link of the chain was knowing I didn’t want to name it something as straightforward as, say, “LRose’s Prompt Blog.” I definitely knew I wanted to have a little fun with the name. The next and most obvious link in the chain was to challenge myself to a “name that blog” prompt: Take the word, “prompt,” and riffle through a list of synonyms, and then a list of synonyms of the synonyms, and see what comes up.

That exercise forged the next link in the chain with the word, “propel.” I started playing with various phrases that used the word, and in short order, “propellant” popped up. From there I forged two more links by asking myself, what uses a propellant? A rocket, of course! And what does propellant provide a rocket? Propulsion!

I looked online for a rocket image, and was almost set on using a fun 50s/early 60s retro-looking illustration, when I came across a goofy picture of a man in a suit wearing WWI-era goggles riding a small child’s tricycle with a rocket strapped to his back. I loved the wry-but-silly humor of the image and thought it perfectly embraced what I wanted to go for in the blog. I liked it so much, in fact, I decided to pony-up the $30 to buy the right to use the image. The final links in the chain were coming up with David Bowie’s Space Oddity references and other astronaut bits, and the rest, as they say, is—albeit very recent—history.

No, it’s not an easy name to say 10x fast (because, and unfortunately, as a friend pointed out, it’s far too easy to end up saying, “the blog repellent“), but I like it, a lot, so I kept it.

Thanks for following TBP, or if you haven’t check it out yet, please do. There are some crafty writers out there! I hope all of you continue to launch into the outer-space of blogging with all your excellent written and photographed works, whatever their inspiration.

SPECIAL P.S.: If you read through all of this post, then you have stumbled on a special prompt! Write something based the the following, pingback/link to this post and I will reblog to TBP:

  • Share or create a story, or post a picture of someone who propelled themselves forward in some way, or was prompted into action. Look up synonyms for “prompt” and “propel” and have at it.

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