Not Cute


“Raccoons are not cute animals,” Rick said.

“No?” Anna asked. “Huh. OK. Not cute. News to me.”

“ ‘Cute’ is something you can pick up, pet, put on your lap, like the cat. The thing out there,” Rick said, pointing at the Racoon on the other side of the closed glass sliding door, “is not a ‘cute’ animal.”

“ ‘Cute’ is a word to describe a look,” Anna said. “Wild animals are cute; can be cute. They look cute! Just look at him. He’s so cute!”

“He is an over-sized, garbage eating piece of shit! Garbage cans tipped over, crap all over the driveway…every week!” Rick sighed. “They haven’t made one yet those little fuckers can’t get into. No, not cute! Ugly! Nasty, ugly motherf…”

Anna cut him off, “OK, OK…don’t go off like you do. He’s just an animal doin’ his animal thing. Looking to get a handout, is all. I mean, they’re city dwellers! What did you think? They actually go pick berries? Go fishing?”

Rick scowled.

“Anyway, I think he’s cute.”

Grammar Ghoul Press prompt: Use the photo provided and the literary device: Asyndeton (When the author deliberately leaves out conjunctions in a sentence, without altering grammatical accuracy. The implied meaning is clear. The content is presented in a way that creates an immediate impact on the reader. Here are a couple of examples: 1. Brush, rinse, repeat. 2. They came, they saw, they conquered).

17 thoughts on “Not Cute

      1. We haven’t seen too many around our farm, but my husband said we had a badger for awhile. He was trying to decide whether to shoot it or not. We decided that as long as it left our calves alone and my chickens it could live. Apparently it moved on. Haven’t seen evidence of it lately. Good luck with your raccoon. Hope it doesn’t cause too much trouble. 🙂


        1. I’m tempted to relate the story of how my father stood up in defense of the racoon when the “entire” town showed up at a City Council meeting demanding an extermination program of the dog-cat-and chicken-killing vermin be implemented. But, I won’t. It would take too long to write. Suffice it to say my father’s “story” in that town became synonymous with “Save the Racoon.”

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          1. It would probably make a very good post. 😀 I am for saving any animal as long as it doesn’t bother livestock, or people. It keeps nature in balance. It has been necessary to shoot a coyote now and then, but not very often. And I enjoy seeing the local town foxes now and then with their families. And when people move into wild animals territory, you should expect some unwelcome visits. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

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  1. One of the nasty little buggers cost me $1000 by changing its alleged mind and recrossing the road after it had made its way to safety. Knocked a hole in that part of the Nissan euphemistically called a “bumper’. I blogged it as “The $!000 Raccoon.” Insult to injury, it was sharing the road but not insured.

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  2. They are cute, but only at arm’s length. I was in Vale, Oregon eating dinner one evening when an onion farmer stopped by the cafe. He had a raccoon on his shoulder. He left the animal on the window sill. The raccoon could hardly stand to be away from the farmer and climbed all over that window frame. When the farmer went out the raccoon climbed on to his shoulder and away they went. Best buds.


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