A Guest at the Party

UPDATE: When I read the prompt today, I knew I had responded when it first was posted, but did not know until I perused the grid that my pingback did not take. So, here is my response, again for the first time:

One of my favorite things to do when watching a movie I know well is to watch the extras, or the actors in supporting roles when they are used as set dressing. I watch their performances intently, hoping to catch them out of character. Maybe their focus is off somewhere else (are they supposed to be looking somewhere off in the distance like that, or has their mind unconsciously wandered?) or I wonder if the inaudible conversation they are having with another actor has anything to do with the film. I wish I could read lips.

This little game I play has revealed other film faux pas, such a microphone peeking into the frame, or the shadow of a camera or crew member. The ones I really love to find have to do with hair. In one shot an actress’s hair is hanging softly down to one side, but in the reverse shot it’s tucked all the way behind her ear. Or, the scenes where its obvious the actor is wearing a hair piece or extensions, but in others scenes they are not. I know there are reasons for these inconsistencies. I just like spotting them. Kind of like playing a game of Where’s Waldo.

Anyway, as I play my little game, taking in all of the ephemera and periphery of a film scene rather than the focus, I start imagining myself as someone in the scene and before I know it, I am actually there, if only in my imagination. I love a lot of films and TV shows, but for an example of my cameo work, I selected some of my appearances in a few popular Jane Austen films and one from a TV show (can you see me? I told hair/make-up people to not disguise me too much).

pp3   pp2

ss 1   pp4

pp1  em 2

em 1  1extra

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