I Admire Art…Any Art

It’s not that I want a tattoo. But, I admire art. All art, in fact, and there are some tattoo artists who do beautiful work; breathtaking work.

No, it’s not that I want a tattoo…but…maybe? No. Yes? “NO!,” my father snapped at me, the one time I made a quip about being “branded” with an image of the family crest; the mark of my sireship, as a niece had done, tramp-stamp style. He didn’t think my comment or her tat was amusing, but we did.

No, I don’t really want a tattoo, but occasionally it’s a fun pastime to think of what I might get, were I to decide to get one. And then scrolling through the WP DP grid for today’s prompt, I read this post title and had to laugh: Who Needs a Tattoo? I’ve Got a Blog!

Problem solved.



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