Panic Room: Paul

[Read the first part of the Blog Propellant prompt, “Panic Room” turned-crowd-writing story. Yes, another by the terrific/prolific tnkerr]

wish I knew who to attribute credit, but there was none.

I wish I knew to whom I ought to attribute credit for this illustration, but there was none.

Yeah, for, like, about ten years, Paul’s been with the Fae. Maybe more? I don’t know.

Seriously, at 6’4” and 400lbs, he gives off this vibe, man. “Don’t even think about it.” And the Fae is always right next to him when they walk into a room. But, get this, just to make certain, he makes sure the gun in his holster…right? He makes sure the gun in his holster shows just enough from under his suit coat so everyone knows he means business.

And if that don’t work, which, seriously, given the Fae’s preference for the sexually potent people of the world, he finds a moment to, like, absently scratch an itch he ain’t got down around his right ankle, and then they see this weird glow that comes from his legs. Oh, it ain’t anything. Just a little thing the Fae did to fix a bone disease, or somethin’ he’s got, but, shit, it sure does freak people the fuck out to see his ankle glowin’!

I swear, one time this guy, high as a kite, came up to Paul and goes, “Man, I mean, wow! I …whoa…so wonderful. So …crazy beautiful!” and starts to feel up Paul’s ankle. Paul turned to the Fae, eyes all popping out, and says,


And the Fae goes, “No way. He’s not coming down for hours.”

It was fuckin’ hilarious!

Driving on 405 south, Paul had trouble keeping his eyes on the road. This was the first time in a long time the Fae possessed an older man. He knew the Fae was fading fast and had to go for whatever was immediately available, but it was still strange. He kept turning to look at it.

“So, are we, what? Father and son?”

“Sure. That works, I guess.” Fae flashed a big smile.

“Why we headed south?”

“Kelly has a place in San Diego. Actually, Pacific Beach, according to the documents I found and, fortunately, the keys. Right on the boardwalk.”

“Nice. You know I could’a broken in, no worries.”

“Yes, very nice. And I know, but why bother?”

“Yeah, well, just sayin’.”

They rode a while in silence. Paul said, “Right on the ocean? That’s convenient.”

“Only if we can get a boat.”

“Several marinas around there. On the bay side. Pretty sure. From the last time I was there, I remember seeing a couple at least.”

“You can get one? I mean, you can drive a boat? Out of the bay and onto the ocean?”

Paul shrugged. “Sure. Why not?”

The Fae smiled. Paul was always so good. Nothing ever seemed to phase him.

“What am I going to do without you?”

Paul shrugged. “Like I said before, they don’t got body guards there?”

So, like, when Paul met the Fae, it—the Fae—was living as a woman named Ling. She was 23, totally hot, and worse, totally smart. Like, really smart. The Fae would end up squeezing every last drop out of that Ling before giving her up for another. In fact, there wasn’t much left to bury, so Paul’s first disposal was a piece of cake.

What? Oh, yeah, well, sometimes the Fae transfers from one body to the other, and sometimes she/he/it just uses up whoever its got a hold of. Nothing left to transfer sometimes, so Paul’s got to carry the Fae inside him for a while ’til they find someone else.

First, I gotta tell you the story how Paul met the Fae.

So, like, Paul didn’t know the Fae was Fae at first. He thought it, she, was Ling. Like, the real Ling.

The day Paul met the Fae, he’d been out with a few of his buds at the club they like to go to on Wednesday nights. She, it, was with a bunch of girls, sittin’ at this table up front. So, a couple of his buds started hittin’ on a few of the girls, and, like, eventually Paul and the other guys make their way over to the table, and, you know, they all start to mingle and shit…Anyway, everyone one starts coupling up and you can tell who was going to go home with who that night after a while.

But, being as big a guy as he is, Paul usually didn’t get much action. I mean, he’s big, man! Girls are totally intimidated by him. But, he’s cool, and is happy to just sit there with his Budweiser, diggin’ the music and totally laughin’ at the rest of us makin’ total assholes of ourselves, right?

But, Ling, see…Ling was no where near intimated. She zeroed in right on Paul. He was totally blown away.

So, like, they dated for several months, and Paul, he really, really thought he was in love. I mean, full on, totally gonzo. Ling moved in with him, and shit, and it was just like they say, like, playing house, only for Paul? For Paul, it felt great. He had someone to come home to; holy shit, he had someone who came home to him! I’m tellin’ ya, he thought he was set for life.

The deal with Paul at that time was this: He was only working part-time in those days as a clerk at one those mini-marts in the valley, and the owners thought, like, a big scary looking dude like him would make most tweekers and the banger-wanna-be’s think twice about robbing the place, and they were right, man. Working that job, the Paul learned how to intimidate the shit out of people by just bein’ big and lookin’ mean.

Ling told him this one time, so he’d look even meaner, he should workout; get toned and ripped. So he joined a gym and started lifting weights. He took a few boxing lessons, too, and I’m not kidding you, man, he learned how to spar and knock a solid punch with the best of them! Holy shit, Paul became a complete package, man; a brute force to be reckoned with!

Ling, who said she was working full-time as a manager at a Cell Phone Wireless store—but, seriously, had we known then she was the Fae, we would’a known she wasn’t working for nobody anywhere—but like, at the time we didn’t know different, but hey—

So anyway, she used to order the Paul around, like, make him do the shopping, even the laundry and other shit, saying because he was only working part-time and she wasn’t, he should, like, be doing more stuff at home. But Paul didn’t give a rat’s ass about what me or the other guys giving him shit about it thought. I’m tellin’ you, man. He believed, no, he knew he was in love, and living with Ling felt like the thing everyone talks about when it’s good and you’re in love and shit. I’m tellin’ you, he was happy.

But then, it started to get weird. Really weird. No, I’m serious. Paul told me. And that’s how we all learned the Ling was not Ling, but the Fae.

So, like, Ling got weirded out. First she said it was woman stuff, cramps and shit. She told Paul sometimes it gets really bad, and Paul believed her. I mean, who wouldn’t, right? Then she said it was some bug going around. I mean, Ling was sick for weeks.

Then, this one time, in bed, it got really bat-shit weird. Paul told me all about it. At first he thought Ling was hallucinating, like maybe she decided that night at the club to join the girls in the bathroom to get high on whatever they were getting high on. Oh, and by the way, Paul and Ling weren’t into drugs and shit. I mean, that was one of the things he really loved about her: Like him, she could take it or leave it, and, like him, she mostly preferred to leave it. But, Paul said maybe this night, she decided to do drugs with them. Whatever…

So, she was talkin’, but Paul, he didn’t understand what she was sayin’. And she didn’t, like, reply to anything he asked her, or that he said. She just kept talking in this weird way, like in some weird language. He didn’t know what to do, man. He was freaked.

See, they had a routine, in bed…I know, I know, I shouldn’t be talkin’ about it, but, seriously, I just … hear me out… So, he tells me he kept trying to go at it like they usually do, ya know? But Ling was being… aggressive. She was, like, pulling him to her, and licking, and then got to biting, and shit, and kept trying to jack him off. Like, she never wanted to jack him off. And, she wouldn’t let him kiss her, or go down on her, or anything. And she kept talkin this weird shit he couldn’t understand. It was totally freaking him out.

Then the scariest shit happened. Ling, like, opened her mouth, wide. Like, so wide, it looked like something out of one of those fuckin’ alien movies!

And then she tried to eat him. Seriously, like, swallow him whole! No shit! She, like, sucked in his head, man, all the way to his fuckin’ shoulders. He freaked and fought her off, like, screaming his head off and shit, but she was strong! Like, the strongest thing he’d ever encountered. He said it was totally insane.

So, like, he wrestles with her, trying to get his heat out of her fuckin mouth…shoving her shoulders back as hard as he could, but, like, each time she took in a breath? Yeah? Each time she tried to, like, suck him farther down her mouth, like, all of him, totally inside her!

Ling was small, and Paul said he was always nervous about hurting her when they fucked, but this? I mean, this wasn’t like no foreplay. It was crazy. She was literally killing him.

Instinctively, man, ’cause, like he thinks he’s dyin’, instinctively he grabs her around her gut with is big-ass thighs and starts to squeeze.  I mean, squeeze the shit out of her. He works his way up toward her ribs and, like gets her body farther up, like, ya know, toward his groin? Up where his thigh muscles are wicked strong and he can could really do some damage. So, like, he clamps down sharp, hard and fast, man, like he was the Jaws of fuckin’ Life.

She screams holy hell and lets go of his head and body, and like, releases him from the totally gross inside of her body. But, like, he didn’t let go! He just kept squeezing and squeezing. Ling starts screamin’ and hallerin’…seriously, she started to puke and starts crying…. But, like, her face started to return to normal.

She falls off the bed and collapses on the floor. Paul sits up and stared at her, and for the first time he saw, no shit, this fuckin…creature, like, not a person, but this thing, all grey, and withered, totally shrunken, and freakin’ sputtering shit, all splayed out and writhing, like, gasping for air….

“Paul! Oh, my God, Paul! PAULY!!”

She looked so weak, so helpless. What the hell was going on?

“Paul?!” She was sobbing.

“Yeah, what…” Paul stayed on the bed, not moving. He was petrified.

“Oh, my God. Paul? I…”


“I’m still…oh, holy shit…I’m still, Ling?!”


“Oh, God, Oh God, Oh God…NO!! I’m dying! Oh, God…Paul! PAUL! Don’t…I can’t die! Not yet! PAUL!!”

Paul panicked.

“Babe, babe, babe…” Paul was on the floor, holding Ling in his arms and rocking her. “It’s OK, it’s OK, you’re not dyin’… babe…shshsh..shhh…there, yeah, OK? Yeah? I’m here, you’re not dyin’…babe, please, you’re not dying…”

9 thoughts on “Panic Room: Paul

    1. I re-wrote it. Well, actually, I edited it. In another voice, and some other edits as well. It was bugging me today, and so I jumped back in tonight and put it in a different place, and ended up introducing another character.


        1. Rolling this comment around my head this AM. It’s good, but I don’t exactly know why! I wanted to clean up the voice by giving the narration to a tangible character, so I’m glad it also slowed it down as a result. But, would you expand a bit on the second sentence? When you have a chance. Absolutely no rush.


          1. What I was trying to say is that the story seems more considered and studied. The narrator has what seems to be a more thorough understanding of the events and is intent on conveying them to me clearly in a less hurried manner.
            I think it’s a good thing for this story because there is a lot going on here.

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