Truth and Tango

reblog-640x587 A lovely, insightful and honest piece that also reads a bit like flash fiction. Enjoy…

Looking back from 50

Here is a strange but true lesson I’ve learned about myself from taking tango lessons.

I am not used to touching people on a casual basis which has never been a big deal to me until now.

My family was never a huggy type of family. Even on the day I got married, I remember the photographer telling my future mother-in-law and me to be to hug as he took a photo….we just looked at each other, laughed and shook hands. Seemed fair enough and somehow more honest.

I remember one of my brothers  married into a huggy family. It used to pain me every time I saw his in-laws. They would always hug hello and goodbye. How strange to have these people invade on your personal space every time you saw them.

Speaking of personal space, try getting on a subway in New York City at rush hour. Just…

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