Stop the Bus!


“Hello. I see you are reading a book. Ever thought of writing one? How about just a chapter? A half of a chapter? I ask, because, you see, I am a blog propellant…hmm? Propellant. No, not ‘repellent’…Anyway, I encourage people…hmm? Blog. It’s an online…no, not ‘bog.’ I am not a bog repellent. Anyway, as I started to say, I encourage people to write, in blogs, and I represent a group of people who…(bus starts to pull over at a stop)….Oh, sure. Yeah. Sorry, I’ll just get out of your…(oof)…wait a sec, just lemme swing my legs into the aisle…Oh! Ouch!…No, no, it’s…yeah. I’m OK. No, really, I….it’s all good. I have another foot. OK, well, you have a good day, too….(ouch, ouch, ouch, she mutters rubbing her foot)…Oh, but, hey! (calling out across the bus as the passenger quickly exits,) think about responding to a blog prompt, OK? (She looks around) Hello. I see you are writing something on your computer…”

There are number of writing and blog prompts out there, all of them with something to offer your needs/wants as a writer or photographer. Do you participate in writing or blog prompt you enjoy? Share with the rest of us! This is just a few I’ve encountered, and all of them are fun and challenging: The Grammar Ghouls | Monday Finish the Story | Sunday Photo Fiction | Write Anything Wednesday | Friday Fictioneers | Flash!Friday | Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers | Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie | Picture it & Write |Finish That Thought | Finish It | Micro Book Ends and, of course, my own: The Blog Propellant.


9 thoughts on “Stop the Bus!

    1. Scott, I agree with you on this, but sometimes creativity will just hit. We’d love to have you share your work at Grammar Ghoul Press. Even if you don’t submit something for every prompt challenge we have, we do accept random submissions for consideration in our publication, The Ghoul’s Review. 😀 Just a thought!

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    1. Yes…just another one of my “micro” crowd story add-ons (and I now have “Strangers in the Night” earworm in my head. Oh, I don’t blame you. I blame my Sinatra-freak mother. As a kid, that song frightened me because I thought it was about the Boogeyman. Now I’ll have to see if I can rewrite the lyrics) 😉

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    1. I know two people who do the same thing. Most prompt sites aren’t critique groups; just people enjoying the craft of writing. It can be a good way to get new followers…and people who will read your publications. Mostly, they’re just a lot of fun. 100 or so words don’t cost much!


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