When (Fate/Destiny, Choose One) Hands You Lemons…

lemon bucket orkestra lume lumeIf FATE hands you lemons, as the saying goes, you are to remember to stay positive and be clever enough to turn a supposed bad thing into a good thing by the simple act of making lemonade.

If DESTINY hands you lemons, then it’s probably because you have a notion of becoming a farmer or a grocer or a chef or a bartender, in which case you are probably very happy with what you’ve been handed (which morphs into the equally well-known saying about a bird in hand being better than opting for the two still hanging out in the bush, etc. etc.).

“Do you believe in fate or do you believe you can control your own destiny?”


I’d just leave it at that, but a single word response isn’t a very engaging blog post.

I don’t place actual faith in either providence or best laid plans to deliver an expected outcome. However, I do know—which is something like belief, based on what I’ve proved to myself through deliberate action—that focus, determination, ambition and command of a certain set of skills will often result in an outcome I intended from the outset. I equally know that circumstances over which I had absolutely no influence impose themselves routinely on my life, forcing me to react accordingly.

Unless, of course, I’m writing a bit of fiction. In that case, all my unfortunate characters are victims of cruel fate, or slaves to their idea of manifest destiny, or metaphysically tortured in a fruitless effort to sort out whether fate or destiny is to blame for their wretched lives.  Angst is a much more interesting read than my blah-blah-blah above, and always goes down smoothly with the Lemon Drop martini, which is my kind of lemonade.

Originally posted March 2014 when the prompt first came around. I liked it well enough to re-post it as-is on the prompt’s second orbit. With a couple of edits.

Also in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Que Sera Sera.”

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