Sir Whatever

reblog-640x587 Having a giggle on a Tuesday at 5:30am is an unexpected pleasure and a great get-up-and-face-the-day motivator.

Edward Hotspur


Once there was some guy who wore armor. He was a knight or something, I think. Some fantastic creature that isn’t likely to exist had been terrorizing the local places where a lot of buildings were and stuff. It said Grrr and breathed fire or acid. It was no bueno.

The ruler type person of some collection of buildings said something where people could hear, and then lots of these armored people came along, grabbed some stuff, and went looking for this creature. It might have been a flying creature, or a rodent. They looked around the place for a while. Some of them didn’t come to buy more crap. They probably died.

Sir The Guy I Mentioned In The First Sentence was passing through this large ruler house area, and heard about this proclo…decree thingy. He figured he’d take a shot at it. He went out and started looking…

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