Coming Out as a Writer

prideI did something yesterday I’ve not ever done: I shared one of my blog pieces on my Facebook page (Seasons Change and So Do I). What’s more, I didn’t post the accompanying image. I just let the words stand for themselves.

My FB “likes” register keeps dinging away, and a few lovely comments for “more, please” have come in. It’s so wonderful to finally have the guts to say to a larger group of family, friends and acquaintances, “I write. And, I like it. A lot.”

I started this blog so strangers could read what I write while I remained safely enclosed in a shelter of relative anonymity. I told absolutely no one I knew I had a blog until about 6 months in, and then to only a select few. But as I start my 3rd year of active blogging and writing, I find myself a little more assured and therefore not as shy.

Oh, I am well aware I am a novice in every way. I’m mostly self-taught and so would do very well by taking creative writing and back-to-basics composition classes (what the hell’s a past participle, again?), and I just might do all that somewhere down the road. But for now, I’m going to keep to my free-range, unsanctioned scribbling, and continue reveling in just the pure, simple joy of writing.

12 thoughts on “Coming Out as a Writer

  1. I wish my facebook friends have as great of taste of yours. I tried it a few times and not even one person bothered. That’s why I like the blogging community better than the facebook community.

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