Ride ’em

jean pierreAs her mount shifted uneasily under her, she grasped the brim of her old felt Stetson, gazed upwards and remembered Jean Pierre.

“Ya know, he had only one testicle.”

“WHAT??” her horse said, as it whipped her head around to try and get eye contact. “WHO only had one testicle?”

“Jean Pierre. In college. Actually, he pronounced his name, ‘John Pierre.’ I guess he thought that sounded more American. Anyway, he was a Dance Major. He loved to brag about it. It was the line he used to get girls in bed.”

“That worked?” her horse asked.

“Yeah. For a lot more girls than you would think.”

Her horse whinnied and nodded vehemently, bucking her bit. “I swear, you humans and your weird thing about covering up. I’d seen that, I’d never given him the time of day.”

She smiled. “Agreed. Anyway…we’re here in Paris to entertain, so are we going to go ride off into the so-called sunset for the tower tourists, or what?

“Let’s ride ‘em, Cowgirl!”

Mondays Finish the Story asks you use the provided image and opening sentence to build a story somewhere between 100 – 150 words.

BTW…I write this with apologies to John Paul, wherever life has taken him. I saw this prompt and I couldn’t resist. I’d like to think he’d be OK with it. He was a sort-of funny, delightfully weird Dance Major with an easy-going nature who chewed tobacco, liked to tell anyone who would listen that he had only one testicle, and chased every single girl he laid eyes on. They don’t make characters richer than that. And, no. I never saw proof of his anatomy, simply because I took him at his word (and, of course, because of my boyfriend at the time). But, one weekend morning, when he sauntered out of my roommate’s bedroom, she happily announced she could confirm his claim. So, I made a stack of pancakes to mark the occasion. Totally true story.

15 thoughts on “Ride ’em

  1. What fun! Nice take on the prompt. I’m sure Jean (which by the way, in French is pronounced not exactly like John, but more like John than Jean…I know this only because that’s my haircutter’s name). Anyway, I’m pretty sure Jean would like this story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He definitely would. I can see him laughing. He was genuinely happy guy!
      What is it with hair stylists and their fancy names? My hair guy is Michael Angelo. No kidding.


        1. I’m just glad he works with sheers and not brushes. Really hard to cut hair with a paint brush (actually, come to think of it, do you tip for that kind of service?)


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