Picture Prompt

girl and doveMost of my photos have an accompanying quote. This time, however, instead of poking around the internet for a quote, I’d like someone to contribute the accompanying text.

Write a “micro fiction” story (50-100 words), or a poem, limerick, or share an attributable quote that relates to this photo (taken with my brand new mirrorless Sony camera!)


Have fun! And thank you!

by R. Sativus

Whenever I’m feeling down, I try to take a moment to enjoy the knick knacks my grandmother left me.

She had such a collection at her house, and when we lost her, we learned how well she had paid attention to each of us over the years, and knew exactly which one to pass on to which grandkid and great-grandkid.

I always pretended I was the little girl, bringing my pet goose with me for a walk. Grandma remembered that, and it helps me to remember her. I miss her, but she still puts a smile on my face.

by Ladyleemanila

There was a little girl who lived in a farm
She loved the animals and would keep them from harm
The dove kept on following her
Instead of “coo” it “purr”
Girl fainted, she was hauled off by a gendarme


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