An Autumn Night

I love autumn nights like tonight;
the wind whipping through the trees.
The windows are open.
I am listening.

The weather girl,
all chipper and smiles,
threatens a terrible storm!
Yes ma’am, no worries.
I am warm,
and snug.

5 thoughts on “An Autumn Night

        1. Thanks Karmen. I adore autumn!
          btw…I’m still writing, just not posting. I’m trying to complete two proper short stories and blogging distracts me. But sometimes, like last night, I can’t resist.

          btw2…for some odd reason there wasn’t a “reply” on your comment. I had to go into Admin to write this. And, notification function didn’t send a notice you posted a comment. I saw it only because I went in to tweak the post a bit. The ghosts in the machine at WP sometimes drive me batty!

          (UPDATE) The fault was entirely mine. My discussion settings only allowed a very short string. Though, why notification didn’t send notice of your comment in the first place, I still don’t know.

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