R.Sativus & tnkerr Homage

gas stationI pull into the station, insert my debit card, punch in my PIN, and return to my car to pump gas.

A beat-up 90s Toyota whips in the driveway, driving way too fast. Parks in the first spot he finds in front of the 24/7.

Guy gets out; 20-something dude, complete with beard, knit cap, and saggy-butt skinny jeans. Then a girl gets out. Super tall, rail-thin, natural Afro, heavy-rimmed glasses, bundled in a no-nonsense faux fur parka, sensible jeans, and heavy duty boots. Walking straight into the 24/7, she completely ignores him as he blathers on.

“No, I get it,” he says, following behind her. “Totally intense lyrics…”

Door shuts. They are inside. I finish my fill-up.

As I replace my gas cap, I notice the others pumping gas are looking inside the 24/7. I turn to see what they are looking at.

20-something-sock-cap is air-boxing in the aisles, and, from the looks of it, screaming at no one. She is calm, checking out at the register with whatever she is purchasing. Her purchase complete, she walks out of the 24/7. He stops boxing and follows her.

I exchange looks with the guy at the pump next to me.

The beat-up Toyota they came in whips around, backward, then whips around again, forward, then into the street, recklessly into traffic.

“New moon,” the guy next to me says.

“What?” I ask.

He points to the sky. “New moon.”

I look upward and see the most elegant, bright, and sharply sliced bit of new moon.

“Amazing!” I exclaim.

I hear an engine start and turn to see the guy next to me drive off, carefully, thoughtfully, into traffic.

An homage to R.Sativus, who has shared on her blog several people-watching moments while at work, and tnkerr’s “prompts” to always take note of incredibly rich moments in human interaction, as well as a perfectly drawn pint of beer.


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