Two left feet

HokeyPokey2.jpgOk, you ready?

As I’ll ever be!

Good. OK, here we go. Let’s loosen up a bit. Just jog in place…little jogging…nothing big…that’s it! Now, move your arms around a bit, like this…that’s it! OK, now…stop. Good! OK, now come over here…just over here…right, and stand just here.


Yes, right here. OK. Now. Take your right foot…

My right one?

Yes, take your right foot, like this, and put it in, like this.


Yes, sort of. Let’s try again. Like this


Y-yes. Better. Like this.

I can’t quite…

No worries. We’ll work on it. Let’s get through the whole thing first.


OK, so, you put your right foot in, like this, and then…Oh, well, just place it… just put your foot down for the moment…OK, you put your right foot in, down, on the floor, toes touching the floor…thaaaat’s it, good! And then, like this, you put your right foot…out…like this!

Could you do that again?

Sure. Your foot’s in like this, right? And, then you put your right foot out, like this! Now you try it.

I…uh, I…you mean, like this?

Yes! Good! Very good. Now, here’s the next part. You put your right foot back in…like this!

Back in?

Yes, got it?

Like before?


Did I do it right?

Sure, that’s fine. Like I said, we’ll work on it. Moving on. Now comes the fun part. You ready?

Sure, I guess.

Raise your foot, just a bit, and…can you balance on your other leg?

Oh, well, I don’t…a little…I guess…

We’ll work on balance, no worries, you’re doing fine. So, raise your foot…here, hold my arm…there, good! Now, raise your right foot…and, good, and…shake it all about! Like this!

Umm…up and down, or side to side?

Well, a little of each. Just loose, and, ya know, shake-shake-shake, like this!

I, uh…

No worries.We’ll get it. We’ve got plenty of time to work on it. Moving on, because we have come to the best part! You do the Hokey Pokey!

The what?

The Hokey Pokey! And then you turn yourself around! Like this! And then clap your knees, and your hands and put them up in the air

But, you didn’t do anything.

What you mean I didn’t do anything? I did the Hokey Pokey!

I didn’t see you do anything. After shaking your foot you put it down and then said you did the Hokey Pokey. I didn’t see what you did.

Well, don’t worry. We’ll practice and practice, and by the end of the day you’ll see what it’s all about.

(sigh) Alright.

Shall we begin again?

Sure. Whatever.

OK, but this time you put your left foot in

OH? Really?! Good! ‘Cause I got two left feet!

Response to Training Day on The Blog Propellant


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