Sweet Pickles

little tpb guy logoTBP has launched a new prompt category, and I  think it is going to be a blast. The author of these prompts will be tnkerr, long-time TBP follower and participant. A big “thank you,” for bringing his OC Writer’s Guild prompt exercise to TBP!

This marks the first time I wrote a story under “the gun” and I am happy to report it was more fun than I thought it would be! I took 25 minutes to write a story, incorporated two of the three prompts, and about 30 minutes to edit and post (forgot to time that bit).

JoyAnn peeked her head in the door of her roommate’s bedroom. She had a shy glint in her eye.

“Can you lend me a pair of your shoes until Monday?”

“Why?” Ethel, better known as Sweet Pickles, asked.

“Well, I’d rather not tell you,” JoyAnn replied.

“You don’t tell, I don’t loan.”

“OK, I’ll tell, as long as you know that almost everything I’m going to tell you is true, but some of it ain’t none of your business.”

Sweet Pickles shook her head. “Whatever you gonna do while wearing my shoes, I gets to know.”

JoyAnn tried looking as forlorn as she could. It didn’t work. Sweet Pickles scooted over on her bed, clearing a space. She gave the mattress a pat.

“C’mon. Tell ol’ Sweets what you gonna get up to this weekend.” JoyAnn sat down beside her, but didn’t say anything. “Why don’t you start with the parts you say are true.”

“So, you know Darin Wilburson? Works for Jensen and Smiths?”

Sweet Pickles nodded. “He’s a regular. ‘least, he used to be.”

JoyAnn flashed Sweet Pickles a surprised look. “He is?”

“Yeah, hon. Figured you’d know that.”

JoyAnn’s head dropped. She sat quietly looking at her hands in her lap.

“You and him an item?”

“No! I mean, not yet. It’s just, well, he comes into the cafe a lot. We talk sometimes. He seems really nice. The other night he waited until I got off work and asks me if he can see me home. Then the next day at the cafe he asks me if I wanted to go with him up to the spring fair in Albertsville. He said we’d go for the whole weekend; said to bring a pretty dress so we can go dancin’.”

Sweet Pickles smiled. “And so, you need a pair of my shoes.”

“I got a nice dress, but I only got my loafers and my work shoes. Nothin’ fine like what you got, or with high heels.”

“So, Darin’s taken a shine to our JoyAnnie-girl,” Sweet Pickles teased. JoyAnn smiled and blushed. “Now, what’s the part you weren’t gonna tell me, hmm? Were you gonna tell ol’ Sweets a fib?”

“Oh, well,” JoyAnn fidgeted, “no. Not exactly. I just wasn’t going to say nothin’ about goin’ all the way to Albertsville. I was gonna tell you we was gonna see my folks, or somethin’.”

“Now, JoyAnn, you listen t’me and you listen good. There’s tons more fellas nicer than ol’ Darin, take it from me. I should know.” Sweet Pickles stood up. “C’mon. Let’s go make us a cup of tea.”

JoyAnn followed Sweet Pickles down the hall to the kitchen, “Maybe for you, Ethel, but not as much for me.”

“Honey, don’t ever forget, they pays me,” Sweets said as she put water in a kettle and lit a burner. “Truth is, I can’t remember the last time I stepped out, proper, with a man. Now,” she continued her lecture as she sat down at the kitchen table with JoyAnn, “you forget ’bout ol’ Darin. Tell ‘im your feeling sickly and can’t go. Say it’s women’s stuff.”

JoyAnn shrugged. “OK.”

“And don’t go regretin’ I told you he’s been one of mine. But, I tell you what, his brother? I ain’t never had him once. And, ain’t he a fine lookin’ specimen?”

JoyAnn giggled and gave Sweet Pickles a big smile.

5 thoughts on “Sweet Pickles

  1. You did great with the time constraint. Having that kind of motivation to get something done can yield some interesting stories. You don’t always have the luxury of story boarding it in you mind before you start. ‘Course, the reverse can also be true, expect the occasional groaner. Thanks for letting me play and big thanks for participating!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting!! But most interesting is how long (short) a time it took to get it out. I would NEVER be able to do that. Right…never say never. But really, I’m such a fuss bucket about rewriting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! I haven’t heard “fuss bucket” in years! Thing is I’m a FB about rewriting as well. This is a perfect challenge to recondition your brain to ACT rather than ponder and fret. Since I am prone to write long posts, this also challenges me to get to the point and to an end in less than a million words and hours and hours of editing. Fun! And maddening!


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