No Shame

woman leavingThe room fell silent. She was still chuckling when she noticed every eye in the place was on her. She stopped laughing and her expression instantly changed to solemn confusion. Adjusting in her seat, she sat upright and, with chin thrust forward, declared, “I thought it was really funny, what he said.”

“How is that funny?!” the man next to her asked. She only shrugged. “I dunno, it was funny!”

The room looked around at each other, murmuring. She could only make out a few words. “Shame,” “embarrassing,” “unbelievable,” “rude.”

She rose from her seat, put on her jacket and slung her purse over her shoulder. “T’hell with all of you, you can’t take a joke.”

“Yes,” the man said, “I think it is best you go.”

A small boy clinging to his mother caught her attention. She began to smile at him, but he ducked behind his mother’s legs to avoid her notice. She looked around the room at all the faces. None were receptive; all were condeming.

“Well, then. Good luck to y’all. You’re gonna need it!” She started to laugh again, this time quite loudly, “OOO, Boy! Are you gonna need it!” and slammed the door behind her as she walked out.

In response to TBP’s Writer’s Guild #3. Wrote this in 20-ish minutes, and about 10 to edit. I only had 30 to do all of it, so…nothing like time constraint to spur you on!


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