Crossing the celestial equator

daffodils in rainThe first full day of spring! Daffodils are in full force. Bundled together like a brigade of soldiers, their bright yellow flowers are a cheerful neon blast against winter’s dull gray. Chartreuse tree buds demurely peek out from brown branches, and along every street, cherry blossoms form giant, billowing clouds of pretentious pink. It will be a few months before summer’s sun is able to break through the hold winter’s lingering weather has on our little corner of the world, but I can wait. Spring has its own charm and delight.

I watch a neighbor walk about her yard cutting flowers and budding branches for what I know will be a spectacular centerpiece on her mantel. She considers each bloom, stalk and delicate limb, selecting only the ones that will do. She sees me watching and waves. “How’s your son?” I ask her. She shrugs. “He says all’s well, but, you know. You worry.” I nod in agreement. She continues, “We’re having a few people over tonight. Nothing special. If you’re free, we’d love to have you join us.” I thank her and say I’ll consider popping in for a bit.

I smile. The arrival of spring has brought all of us out of our warrens and dens and back into each other’s company. It is not just the bear that hibernates.

For TBP’s Online Writer’s Guild #5. I wrote for 20 minutes and then edited for maybe 20 more. Apologies, but I lost track! I select “20” for next week’s prompt.

2 thoughts on “Crossing the celestial equator

    1. I had no clue what to write. Brain not braining in the least. Started writing about 1st day of spring and it all fell into place, and numerical order, too. Will wonders ever cease? ;^)

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