This isn’t a story, it’s a play

staged readingA: I want to see!
B: No, not yet.
A: When?
B: Soon. Pretty soon. Not long now. Just wait.


A: Now?
B: No, not yet, I said. Wait!
A: I want to see! Just let me see.
B: You have to wait. I promise you can see it soon. Very soon.


(long pause)


A: I…
B: No! Not yet!


A: I’m not a patient person. Never have been.
B: I know.


A: This sucks.
B: Yeah, I know. Not much longer, but not … quite…yet. Hang in there. I promise it’ll be worth the wait.


A: Whoever said patience is a virtue sucks.


B: OK, ready?
A: For days.
A: Wha… what is it?
B: It’s a castle! On a rock! And the moss is the grass that surrounds it, and it’s situated on the Hudson River, and the blue taffy wrappers are the river!
A: I don’t see it.
B: Really? Then, what do you see?
A: A kind-of rocket blasting off, and the plume of its jets are green and blue.
B: Huh.



I wrote in 23 min., which is practically unheard of for me, and edited in 10, which is also pretty fast, AND…I tacked on another TBP prompt, “Not Yet,” which seemed a perfect fit with “soon, soon.”

But, I have a confession: I wrote this on Saturday. As TPB’s Grand Poobah, I have the ability to look into the future, particularly when tnkerr writes his Writer’s Guild prompts a few days in advance and saves them in the TBP Draft file. ;^)

I choose the number “50” for next week’s prompt.

Happy Easter!

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