Mary in the Sky with Diamonds

This week’s TBP’s Online Writer’s Guild prompts are: 1. Now one of us has to tell Mary; 2. conflict diamonds; 3. The sky is so much bigger here.

sky diamondsTerri and Rob sat on the back deck of Becky and Jeff’s large ranch-style home, sipping tall cool drinks and enjoying how the long soft shadows of a summer night’s gentle sunset swept slowly across the valley and the hills beyond. It had been a very long drive and they were happy to have made it there before night-fall. Becky and Jeff came out with a trays of snacks and a pitcher for refills.

“How close did you say your nearest neighbor is?” Rob asked.

“Just over those hills. ‘Bout 3 miles, I think,” Jeff said.

“How is it the sky seems so much bigger here? It’s so amazing!” Terri exclaimed.

“Who knows,” Becky shrugged. “Low horizon. Not a lot of trees. It’s wonderful, though.”

The couples helped themselves to the food and refilled their drinks. Rob said, “Does anyone know what the plan is tomorrow? Do we just show up at the church?”

“Yeah, we’re supposed to get there by 4:30 for the rehearsal, though why Mary asked you guys to go to that and not just meet everyone at the restaurant, I don’t know.”

“Oh,” Rob said, “that’s because she wants me to appraise her ring.”

“She couldn’t get it appraised at a jeweler? I mean, by someone in town?” Jeff asked.

“She trusts me,” Rob said. “She’s afraid of it being a blood diamond, and she said she only trusts me to look at it.”

“What’s the likelihood of that?” Becky asked. Rob shrugged. “Depends,” he replied.

“What will you do if it is?” Jeff asked.

“I guess, I’ll just have to tell her. Let her decide what to do.”

“LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS!” Terri suddenly sang out. “LUCY, OOHHH, LUCY!”

Everyone laughed.

“There’s no neighbors to piss off, right?” Terri asked. Becky and Jeff nodded. Terri sang out in full voice again, “LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS, OOOOHHH, OOOOHHH!….”

“Yup,” Rob smiled at his wife. “It’s gonna be a fun weekend.”

Took only 20 min to write, but edited off and on for another 30 after that. I choose the number 1 for next week’s prompt.

5 thoughts on “Mary in the Sky with Diamonds

    1. Lucy! OOOHHH, Lucy! Hadn’t thought of the song until this prompt. I wish I was gonna be there too! Finding the picture was a fluke. I typed in “sky diamonds, ” and up it popped.

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  1. Love the way you hit me over the head with some of the prompts and you tiptoed around others. I also like the names you chose and the banter between these friends. It makes me feel like I’m there and I’ve known them for years.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You asked April if your prompt for Fools was “a groaner.” This was a groaner for me, that is until I made myself start writing. Never ceases to amaze me how the imagination takes over. Glad you like!

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    2. Been thinking today about the character’s names. I didn’t think about what names to choose at all. It seemed random to me, so I thought it interesting you liked my choices…when it suddenly hit me it probably wasn’t random at all. Don’t know if “Freudian” is the right analogy, but, I thought of these people as cousins…and I have a cousin Terry, and a Rob, a neighbor named Geoff, and the view from my friend Becky’s deck, while different, is very lovely. I need to pay more attention to me braining, me thinks!

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