Picture This

TBP Online Writer’s Guild #8 prompts this week are: I first saw her on the midway; Everybody’s story is more interesting than mine; You’re everything that I am.

Romance NovelKara scrolled through her Facebook page. There were pictures after pictures of people on vacation, getting married, out for a night on the town, at their children’s ball games or birthday parties, hunting for Easter eggs, opening gifts at Christmas, sipping wine at a winery in Italy, posing with a celebrity they “ran into” on the street in New York, in the bleachers of the world championships Sao Paulo, making a stupid face at a guard on the Great Wall of China, sailing, biking, hiking, camping, surfing, hang gliding, saving the whales, replanting the rain forest, being blessed by the Pope, working in soup kitchens, standing in the front doorway of their new 4,000 sq ft home.

A friend asked her once why she didn’t post pictures on Facebook. Kara said, “I don’t have a life. I get up, I shower, dress, get the kids up, shower and dress them, feed them, feed Bruce, shove everyone in the car, take them to school and work, come home, walk the dogs, clean the house, run errands, pay bills, make phone calls to plumbers, lawyers and doctors on my parents’ behalf, shove the dogs in the car and pick up the kids from school and either run them to their after school stuff, or drop them at my in-laws, pick up Bruce at work, pick up the kids again, go home, make dinner, harass my children to do their homework, argue with Bruce about God-knows whatever the issue is that day, shove the kids in bed and then pour myself into bed next to my husband who is already snoring away.

“I mean, it’s no wonder women like me get lost in torrid Romance novels. You know, the kind about the boy and the girl that meet at the county fair; she the only and beloved daughter of that year’s Parade Grand Marshall, and he a lowly manure-raking stall boy her older brother routinely bullies at school. But their love is too strong, too big, too hot to be confined by narrow-minded twits like the cold-hearted people of their small town of Nowhere Nebraska.”

Kara’s friend looked at her a moment, and then said, “So, you don’t post pictures to Facebook because you read Romance novels?”

“Yes,” Kara flatly stated. “That is exactly why. Nobody needs to see a picture of that.”

Confession: I forgot to time myself. But, when I looked at the clock, I’m pretty sure I’d been writing for less than an hour. So, to be fair and within the rules, I limited my editing time to just 15 min. 

number 9…number 9…number 9…


5 thoughts on “Picture This

  1. Sounds like a one-woman book club. If she started posting it could be the beginning of an On-line Romance Novel Book Club. I’ll bet she’d get a lot of new friends really fast. She might have to teach the family to make their own food though… and that might be a good thing, when you think about it.

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    1. Oh, it would be a good thing. But, she ain’t the type. Anyway, when I read the prompts, I thought about the phenomenon they call “Facebook depression,” brought on by those who think everyone’s lives are exciting, happy and exotic. The Romance Novel bit was in service of prompt #1 & 3. :^)

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