This isn’t a story, it’s a play (scene II)

TBP’s Writer’s Guild #10 prompt: Well, there you are then; Come here child; It is sometimes vital to be misunderstood

For the first scene of This isn’t a story, it’s a play, click here

B: Well, there you are then.
A: What do you mean?
B: I mean, I made a castle on a rock next to the Hudson River, and you saw a rocket and blue flames.
A: Plumes.
B: Anyway. There you are.


A: Let’s ask the kid. Hey! Kid! Come here!

(a child enters)

A: Come here.

(the child walks over to A & B)

A: (Holding up the strange sculpture) What do you see?

(the child shrugs)

B: It’s OK, you can say. Tell me! I want to know your opinion.
C: You made this?
B: Yes.
C: (shrugs again) I dunno. I looks kinda like, maybe, a…a… an arrow with a (gesturing with a finger)… a… thing…
B: Never mind. That’s OK.
A: See, even the kid doesn’t get it.
B: Art is only as you see it. You don’t have to get it.
A: Yeah, but that’s the thing, right? If I don’t get it, I don’t know what I’m looking at!
B: That’s not the point.
A: Did you mean this to be abstract, like modern art?
B: No. I mean, I didn’t mean it to be all that literal either. I was working with candy wrappers and other crap. You don’t build castles from candy wrappers and other crap.
A: I’m not trying to be a critic; I just want to know what you were thinking! I care about you. I care about what you do and what you think.
B: Love doesn’t mean having to be understood all the time.
A: Now you’re pouting.
C: Can I be excused?
A&B (talking over each other): Yes, yes…go play/finish your homework… (C exits)

(A&B sit in silence)

A: Ya know, the more I look at it, I see the castle. I get it.
B: (sighs loudly) Yeah, OK.
A: But, you see how I thought it was a rocket?
(B drops her head in her hands)


Wrote this pretty fast, like in 20 min, and edited for another 10 or so. Formatting for the blog? I never count that time


5 thoughts on “This isn’t a story, it’s a play (scene II)

  1. The point is that you and I do not have to see the same things! Do we? When I was a kid and I would make something or paint something or draw something I would show it to my parents. They both had the same approach. If they didn’t get it they would say, “That’s really nice. Tell me about it.”
    They would both also say (from time to time) about their own work, “it’s a thing of beauty and a joy forever”.
    I guess that’s a bit like “Art for art’s sake.” I’m a firm believer in that.
    Good one ma’am!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It…my little theatrical…is probably more about a relationship than a dramatization of the “yeah but is it art” debate.
      That said, I absolutely agree with you! Critique of work is solely for the sake of monetizing. I could go on, but I won’t. ;^)

      Liked by 1 person

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