TGIF’n Good Day

Today I break the rules. It is May Day, and I’m feeling light, bright and rebellious. Emotionally festooned in ribbons and flowers, I skip and dance about the hyperbole of this bonny spring day, free to be me. Plus, as TBP’s Empress, I, that is, We (since I’m hyperbolizing) reserve the right to respond as We please to TBP’s Grand Duke Kerr’s OLWG #11 (tnkerr started the whole “royal we” thing, not me!)

So, I will write, but only as I find inspiration in today’s TBP OLWG. I will not time myself because I’m feeling not only the need to write, but write and write and write! I will not keep to one, two or just three prompts, for my fervor must not be contained. I will incorporate as many “prompts” that move me in the preamble. I am WOMAN, hear me roar!

OK. Enough of that. Onward…

top downThe end of a f’n good day, Brian thought. In just one week he breezed through the ridiculously large project thrown at him from out of nowhere on Monday, and by 2:30 pm today, Friday, the director signed off on it and delivered it to their client. Whether anyone gave a damn he got that bad-boy out the door so fast, Brian would never know. Nor did he care. All that mattered to him was that he met the challenge full-on, and made the company look great in the process.

By the time 5:00 pm rolled around, the clouds otherwise forecast as here to stay through the weekend had completely vanished. There was nothing but bright sunshine and blue sky from one horizon to the other. He rolled back the top of his convertible and decided to take the coast highway home. Maybe stop at The Cliffhanger for a couple of beers. They’ll have the playoffs on, and if he left right now, he’d be in time to catch a bit of the game; see how the Sharks were faring. After all, he thought, he had earned a night out. He shot a couple texts to friends Jim and Trevor letting them know his plan, and then called his wife, Odessa.

“Park the kids with Renée and meet me at Cliffhangers.”

“Renée and Janus have that thing this weekend, so…”

“Damn. Forgot that.”

“That’s OK. I promised Meredith this morning she could have Reilly over, anyway, which will probably turn into a sleep-over, so just as well.”

“What’s my bud up to?”

Odessa paused. “Jake’s at Emmett’s.”

“I thought we agreed to discourage Jake spending time with that kid.”

“Yes,” Odessa said, “but it’s been a really long time since they’ve hung out after school, and Jake pleaded with me this afternoon to go to his house. The Science Fair’s coming up next month and the boys have a project they want to do together.”

“That kid’s gonna blow the both of ‘em up. Where are they?”

“I said. At Emmett’s.”

Brian thought about Emmett’s dad. He claimed he was a writer of some sort, some kind of la-di-da researcher with a PhD, but the couple of times they’d met when picking up or dropping their kids off at school or soccer, Brian thought he seemed OK.

“Yeah, well, whatever. So. No Cliffhanger tonight for you?”

Odessa smiled, knowing her husband preferred a night at Cliffhanger with just the guys. “Jim or Trev gonna be there?”

“Dunno. Just sent them a text. Probably. Sharks are playing tonight.”

“Have fun, then.” Odessa said.

“ ‘K. Love ya. Mean it.”

“Me too. Hey, and be quiet when you get home, ‘K? Like I said, we’ll probably have Reilly spending the night. I don’t need her going back to her parents telling them about you getting home after midnight and being loud, waking everyone up.”

“You really don’t like her folks, do you.”

“I really don’t.”

“ ‘K. Promise. Bye.” Brian hung up.

“SAAAHHWWEEET,” he cried out loud. Boy’s night! A giant grin spread across his face. Kids off with their friends, Dessa probably wanting time to herself anyway to dig into one of her perpetual projects…and, if they didn’t get too crazy tonight, he’d probably be able to wrangle nine holes out of Jim and Trevor tomorrow as well. The weekend was really looking up.


rec room“SHHH!!!” Brian scolded Jim and Trevor as they made their way downstairs to Brian’s rec room. “We have to be quiet! My daughter’s got her friend over and I promised Dessa we’d be quiet!”

“SHHH!!!” Trevor mocked his friend, making a goofy face. “Be berwy berwy qwiat. We’re huntin’ wabbits!”

“Just shut the f— up.” Brian scolded again.

He turned on the TV and the disc player as Jim and Trevor helped themselves to beer in the fridge. The three men plopped down on the huge wrap-around sofa, popped open their beers and waited for their favorite porn, “She’s Just Gotta Get Naked When It Rains” to start. Per usual, Brian set the player on the lowest volume and on 3x fast forward.

Dessa woke when she heard the telltale giggles through the floor boards of their bedroom. The plan was, when they built out the basement under their bedroom, she’d be able to keep an ear on the kids when then were down there with their friends late at night. Not her husband and his buddies. She threw on her robe and went downstairs.

“Shit!” Jim whispered like a teen being caught out by a parent. “Someone’s up!”

“Jus’ d’wife,” Brian slurred.

“Hey guys,” Odessa casually called out as she came down the stairs. “I see the nympho rain goddess is up to her usual tricks.” She leaned over the back of the sofa and gave her husband a quick smooch on the cheek.

“Hey Dess,” the men said, barely acknowledging her presence.

“Never ceases to amaze,” she mused, watching the action on the TV, “that even in super-fast forward, he still takes forever to get to the point.”

“And, in fast forward it never stops being the funniest shit, ever,” Trevor smiled up at her. The scene on the TV changed to an orgy.

“That’s my cue to leave.” Odessa tussled Brian’s hair. He grabbed her hand, gave it a quick kiss, gave it back to her and she went back to bed.


The next day, Brian woke with a hangover that could kill an elephant. He rolled over, “visualizing whirled peas,” as he used to call bed spins in his college days. Suddenly realizing he’d not made it upstairs to bed, he sat up and tried to get his bearings. Jim was on the opposite end of the huge sofa, snoring away. Brian vaguely remembered Trevor saying he was calling a cab.

Stumbling as he made his way upstairs, Brian peered out the front window, relieved to see Trevor’s car in the driveway. He turned to head down the hall to the master bedroom and ran smack into his daughter Meredith and her friend Reilly.

“Oh, my God, Dad! You look like shit!”

“Language, young lady,” Brian admonished just as Odessa barked loudly from the kitchen, “Girls! Pancakes!” The girls swept by Brian, his daughter’s friend giving him a look of exaggerated disgust as she passed. So much for not blowing that scene, Brian thought. He’ll have to pay for it sooner or later. No matter how hard he tried not to, he always managed to let Dessa down.

As he stood in the shower, leaning forward on his hands to help steady his still wobbly legs, Odessa came in with a huge mug of coffee she handed to him through the shower curtain, and announced she was taking the girls to the mall, a movie, and then out for a bite. They wouldn’t be back until after dinner.

“So, you guys are on your own today. Jake’s sulking in his room about what I don’t know. He says he talking to his gaming buddy, ‘Cheshire Cat,’ but won’t open his door. I’m sick of arguing with him about the closed door rule.” Dessa’s tone was an unmistakable mix of fury and impatience. “Please don’t ignore him. Take him out somewhere today, OK? Get him the hell away from the computer.”

“Hmph,” was all Brian was able to say in response.

“And, Jim’s asleep downstairs. I have no idea where Trev ended up.”

“I know,” Brian groaned.

“Yeah, well, you guys had your fun last night. Today’s just another one of those times you’ve won the big lottery, so…get with it.”

Dessa always used the phrase ironically. They’d been seeing each other just a few months when she got pregnant with Jake, and it was how she broke the news to Brian: “Looks like you’ve won the big lottery! Me and a baby!” These days she said it only when she was ticked-off. A minute later Brian heard the door to the garage slam.

He had no idea what to do about his son. The kid was a puzzle to both of them. He knew he’d end up being a dick and getting mad, which seemed the only way to get Jake to respond to anything, and he resented his son for it.

But, first things first. More coffee, get Jim up, and call Trevor to come get his car.

So much for a great weekend.

I count 11 words or phrases in the prompt preamble I used in my story, completely by coincidence of this being the 11th OLWG prompt. Therefore, I choose the number ELEVEN for next week’s prompt.

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