Forecast: Pizza Night

It’s TBP Online Writer’s Guild time! This week’s prompts: 1) she loved storms, 2) Oh no, not again!, 3) Just like Ricky. I took the literal and orderly road again this week primarily because this one, for whatever reason, stumped me. 30 min. to write and another 15-20 to edit. I choose “11” for next week.

rickyThe grocery store was pretty empty for a Saturday. Ellie had the place practically to herself. She figured everyone was tucked away in their homes, no doubt pissed off. It was the first holiday weekend of summer and a cold rain was coming down in buckets. The forecast was for a lot more of it through the holiday Monday. She didn’t understand why people hated inclement weather. She loved storms.

“Hey, Ms. Adams!” Ricky called out from behind his counter. Ellie smiled and waved. Ricky always called out to regulars. A big grocery chain like this, you wouldn’t expect such familiarity, but Ricky treated customers like he was an old timey grocer running his own mom-n-pop corner market.

“Looks like I got the place to myself today.” Ellie replied.

“Only until the weather makes ‘em stir crazy,” Ricky laughed. “People’ll get hungry for their favorite snack food. You’ll you see. Better shop fast!”

The mention of comfort food made Ellie think of her family’s favorite: Pizza, thick crust, loaded with everything. She wheeled her cart around to the frozen food aisle and headed straight to where they kept pizzas. She was disappointed to discover that, once again, they were out.

At that moment, Ricky walked down the aisle from his counter. “I got more in the back, Ms. Adams.” He gave Ellie a wink. “When I heard the forecast for the weekend, figured I’d put a couple aside for you and the Ferndales.”

It was just like Ricky to be so thoughtful.

Even if you don’t want to respond to today’s prompt, check out the charming pre-amble by the otherwise rough-n-tough and sometimes crackers tnkerr. ;^) Idyllic time in Idyllwild! ‘Cept, maybe having to share a bathroom with grandpa. 


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