cubing 2EYE felt DIRECTIONLESS. Hovering over the tank where I kept my pet TORTOISE, I watched my little friend struggle to eat the bit of APPLE I’d given him. What the hell am I going to do now? Another change thrown at me and, once again, I haven’t a clue what to do. How am I going to keep this little guy safe and warm in his tank and properly fed? What if I end up moving, I don’t know, to freakin’ Africa, or something? Can I take my Tortoise with me? Do they quarantine Tortoise? It’s so frustrating, this not knowing! I mean, how is it an ancient man from a millennia ago, sitting in his TIPI on a clear, MOONlit night, could take out an ARROW from his pack, hold it out in front of him and know that, if the arrow’s shadow is cast in a certain DIRECTION, he’d he’d find the answer to the BIG L….life! But if the shadow cast in the other direction, he’d be forever lost and searching? How do people know these things? So annoying. Maybe I should consult my Magic 8 Ball.

TBP’s Cubing Stories #2. Thanks April!

5 thoughts on “EYE am DIRECTIONLESS

  1. Great post! Directionless… that was the word I was searching for when I wrote mine 🙂 As a EFL learner, I have learnt a new word again. Thank you so much. So much love creative writing using prompts. Especially cubing stories-

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