overgrownThe overgrown Queen of the Meadow said it all: It had been a very long time since Alec and Randolph’s great aunt had been able to work her garden.

Everywhere were spears of full grown grass poking up high above the copious volume of dandelion and wild Sweet Pea vines. The boys were stunned, unable to fully understand how their great aunt’s once spectacular garden had become so incredibly overgrown and gone to seed.

“Bloody hell,” Randolf said. “Look at the Blackberry!” He pulled back a clump of some left-for-wild plants to expose four very long, well established vines.

Alec scanned the immediate area. The noxious weed had taken root in several places. God knows, it was probably everywhere. Bloody damn birds. There are only two ways to eradicate blackberry, and one Great Aunt Gert would never allow. Chemicals.

Great Aunt Gert’s garden used to be the quintessential English flora wonderland. Never-ending rows and hillocks of impeccably tended flowers of every hue grew as far as the eye could see, along with every kind of shrub, edible and tree, covering most of her and Great Uncle Trevor’s acre of property. As children, Alec and his brother loved spending hours lifting up leaves and twigs looking for snails, snakes, bugs, beetles, spiders, bees, wasps, dragonflies, and all manner of creepy-crawlies. She in turn made it their duty to catalog all they found and report back.

A rat broke Alec’s reverie as it scurried out from under the overgrown mass of weeds and greenery, and raced across the equally overgrown meadow to hide in the obscurity of the next thicket. There was no way he was going to report back to Great Aunt Gert all of what he saw today. It would break her heart.

“Where do we even start?” Randolph asked.

Alec turned around and started back. “I’m going to the barn to fetch a scythe and axe. Ring the DIY place in the village. Ask if they have a rototiller and tractor.”

TBP’s Online Writer’s Guild #25. OK, I admit it. I took 2 hours to do this post. I wrote it pretty quickly, but as I started to edit, and then edit some more… it’s the Olympics, OK?! I had to watch the next heat! I’d edit during commercial break, then watch gymnastics, then edit again at commercial…Anyway, I choose XXXI for the 31st Olympiad. 

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