Be Careful What You Wish For

I did it! For the first time I used a timer and it worked! I set it for 45 minutes to write and edit. Most importantly, I didn’t allow myself to focus on the direction of the story or how it was going to end. It was so liberating to write like that! TBP OLWG #29 prompts this week are: “There’s no need to make a science fair out of this;” “Yeah, they make it in green;” “I can be gone in 10 minutes”

cauldronAfter pounding the fern leaves into a mush in their mother’s butter churner, Harold and Geoffrey read over the spell again.

“Take two toads, and gut them. Put the liver of the left one in the cauldron and the heart of the right one in the fire beneath the cauldron,” Harold read aloud.

“You think tree frog’s are OK?” Geoffrey asked, as he slaughtered the two frogs. He yanked out the heart of one and the guts of the other. Shrugging, he randomly selected an organ he thought might be a liver and handed the bloody mess to his brother.

“Dunno,” Harold replied. “Dunno we can get any toads around here. Which one was right and which was left?” Geoffrey shrugged again. “Well, you better have got it right,” and placed the organs  in and under the cauldron as the spell directed. He then continued reading.

“Slowly pour the river water and fern mush mixture into the cauldron. Stir three times.”

Geoffrey scooped up the fern mush from the butter churner and plopped it into a bowl of water, then carefully transported it to the cauldron. The stench from the cooking frog parts made him wrinkle his nose. Turning his head slightly away to avoid the smell, he poured the goopy water into the cauldron as slowly as he could manage. A red plume of steam rose up.

“It says it’s supposed to be green!” Harold exclaimed.

“Well, I don’t know, do I? Did you get river water, like the instructions say?”

“Where we gonna get river water from around here? All’s we got is the well!”

“Maybe we should start over,” Geoffrey said.

“Why? We’ve got this far with it. Don’t you want to see first if it’ll work?” Harold asked.

Geoffrey shrugged. “I suppose. What’s it say to do now.”

Harold returned to the book of spells. “Allow the mixture reduce to a paste. This will take approximately 10 minutes,” Harold looked up at the clock. “How long’s it been?”

“A couple of minutes?” Geoffrey offered. “Keep reading while we wait.”

“When the mixture is a paste-like consistency, remove the cauldron and place in a south-facing window sill. Extinguish the fire and scrape the hot ashes on top of the paste. Let sit until one hour before sunrise. Carefully carry the cauldron to the nearest tree on the southwest side of the house. Scoop the contents out with a wooden spoon (preferably an oak spoon, but any wood spoon will do) and spread it evenly around the base of the trunk. Take five steps directly backward from where you stand, close your eyes and repeat five times the thing you wish for.”

6 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Wish For

  1. LOVE the story, great prompt stuff. It’s amazing what we can do when challenged like this. Have you ever done the month-long writing for Nanowrimo? Talk about liberating…and getting things down on paper. And getting what you wish for….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sir Fish!
      I haven’t participated in NaNoWriMo because … because … oh, heck. Because I’m chicken!
      I wonder if there’s a NaNoPhotoMo? What would be the equivalent of 10K word for photography? Hmmm…


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