I thought it’d be fun to combine the most recent Online Writer’s Guild and Cubing the Stories prompt this time. I even set a timer for 30 minutes. It’s fun discovering what you can accomplish when you set aside time and clear you mind of other matters!

cube-12The Cubing the Stories picture is to the left.

The OLWG prompts are: They’re not vices anymore; Who can argue with ‘affordable’?; Yeah? Lemme see yer badge.

Lisbeth and Harvey sat in their car looking back at the little house. The realtor slowly paced back and forth along the sidewalk talking on her cell with the listing agent.

“You think we should have made a better offer?” Lisbeth asked.

“No. We’re good. They aren’t going to get much better than ours, I’ll bet.”

“I hope. Now that we’re committed to this, I can’t stand the idea of living another moment downtown in that horrible Tower of Pisa-looking building. All we need is an intimate and affordable house.” Lisbeth said.

Harvey chuckled. “Who can argue with ‘intimate’ and ‘affordable’?”

“Well, you for one! You certainly put up a good fight about it at first!”

The realtor walked to their car and said she was heading back to her office. They asked if they could take one more look around before she left. She opened the house again and said she’d wait in her car until Lisbeth and Harvey were done.

“That little fountain’s gonna need work,” Harvey cautioned, “and this section of fence will need a  couple of corner braces to keep it from falling completely over.”

Lisbeth nudged a small beetle with tip of her shoe. “Yes, well, the yard’s gonna need a lot, I mean a whole lot of work, too, starting with a little pest control, especially if you want that vegetable garden you talked about.”

“Gardening, my darling green-thumb, is your money-trap vice, not mine.”

“Yes, well, when you see the size of the tomatoes and heads of lettuce I will grow, you won’t think of it as a vice any longer,” Lisbeth gently scolded, giving Harvey a kiss on his cheek.

They made their way around the little house again, smiling, excited and hopeful. Standing on the back porch looking out onto the little back yard, Harvey remarked, “This will be the perfect spot to watch summer storms roll by, or take in a moonlit night.” He gave Lisbeth a hug and just as he bent his head down to kiss her, the sound of footsteps came from the other side of the yard. Expecting to see the realtor, they were surprised to see a man instead.

“Evening, folks. Sorry to say, but you folks are trespassing on private property.”

Harvey held out his hand and introduced himself and Lisbeth. “We just made an offer on this house. Our real estate agent is in her car, out front. We’re just taking another look around.”

“Are you neighborhood watch?” Lisbeth asked.

“No ma’am, I’m police, actually. I live across the street and told the owners I’d keep an eye on the place while they are away. I didn’t know it was listed for sale. They didn’t mention it.”

(30 minutes…time’s up! To read the ending, go to Three-in-One)


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