Continued from yesterday’s story, Two-in-One.  R.Sativus’ author April suggested I, “take it another 30,” minutes that is, and continue the story. It was only a few hours before tnkerr posted another of his Online Writer’s Guild prompts, so, in the spirit of how the story started, I decided wait for the next set of prompts. This morning I set the timer for another 30 minutes (and some more time to edit a bit) and wrote the conclusion of Two-in-One based on today’s  OLWG #32 prompts: He really stepped in it this time; Hard right rudder; One more chance!

Click here to read the beginning of the story: Two-in-One

Harvey asked the officer, a bit shyly, “You don’t mind if I ask to see your badge?”

“ ‘Course not,” the officer said, “Glad to. Wish folks always asked, even if a cop’s in uniform, you should always ask.”

Harvey and Lisbeth inspected the walleted document. “So, McIntyre…” Harvey said, a bit haltingly.

“Call me Mac. McIntyre’s my mother’s maiden name. Said she couldn’t think of a real name to give me, so she named me McIntyre.”

“So, Mac, you patrol all of the neighborhood, or just keeping an eye on this house?” Lisbeth asked.

“I keep an eye on the neighborhood. Occupational hazard, I guess! But, I gotta say, the past few months folks have had problems with prowlers and break-ins. Scared the bejeezus out of the Thompson’s daughter last week. She was home alone when she heard…”

“Excuse me! Hello? Hi!” the real estate agent stepped out onto the back porch from the house. She put a friendly, but cautionary hand on Mac’s shoulder. “Let’s not unnecessarily frighten the Samuels, Officer Andersen, OK?”

Mac apologized. “Oh, I don’t mean nothing by it. Just, as I said, doing my bit ’cause of the stuff’s that been happening around here.” The agent put her hand on Mac’s shoulder again and gave him an exaggerated look. “Sorry. I guess I really stepped in it, this time. Sorry Jeanne.”

Harvey asked, “You two know each other?”

“Yes, indeed,” Jeanne the agent replied. “I live just three blocks down, as a matter of fact. And, I tell you, Mac here is a good neighbor to have!” she said brightly with a little laugh. “Break-ins happen,” she continued, “It’s a sad fact of life, but! I assure you, the overall statistic for crime this part of the city is very low!” She gave Officer Mac one last pat on the shoulder.

“Well, that’s good to know,” Lisbeth said. “I was starting to have a little ‘buyer’s-regret,’ but I’ll give this little place another chance, I suppose.”

“Good!” Jeanne said. “The listing agent said yours is the only offer they’ve had so far. It’s a good offer, and barring anything that shows up in the inspection, I think you’ll be happy with your choice.”

Harvey slowly pulled the giant U-Haul moving van up to the intersection. Lisbeth jumped out and jogged across the street to the opposite corner. “All clear!” she shouted. She swung her arms in a pantomime of an airport ground marshal, “Right, full rudder! Full steam ahead!”

[by the way, I choose the sum of 3-2-1, which is 6,  for next week’s “random” selection of prompts ;-)]

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