Dear Mom and Pops

My parents traveled a lot, and when my dad retired, in addition to traveling, my parents were southern California snow birds. When they were away, my father, an avid writer, wrote long letters home. It inspired a tradition of letter writing in all of us.

The past three weeks I’ve felt a desperate need to write my parents a letter. I’ve adjusted pretty well to their passing going on these five years now, but the frustrating circumstances of the past weeks (a horrible flu that had me out of commission for nearly 2 weeks, followed by sad news from a friend, then jury duty, wrapping up with the election…) forced me to pretend they are not gone, just away on one of their trips.

I sat down to write them a letter:

Mummy and Puppy,

Well, the weather here is cold, grey and raining. Finally. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great having relatively warm, sunny weather, but it just doesn’t feel like fall. The leaves are the brilliant colors of a spectacular sunset, and Halloween has come and gone, but somehow the unseasonable weather makes the sight of fall colors and jack-o-lanterns seem somewhat incongruous. With weather like it’s been, you’d expect the trees to be chartreuse and Kelly green, and invitations in the mail to graduations, and advertisements on TV for Mother’s Day brunches.

Not to come off as some sort of cornball philosopher, but it’s not unlike Donald Trump’s successful bid for the Presidency. While it all seems in order, even predictable, according to some pundits, it nevertheless seems incongruous.

Oh, Pops, I know, I know. You were never a fan of Hillary’s. But, I’m absolutely certain you would never have tolerated Donald J. Trump. In fact, I think I would have finally heard you utter the “f” word in regards to his successful bid. Several times. And Mom, I also know how horrified you’d have been with the whole mess. I clearly remember you shaking your head in 2012, asking, “What have they done to my Republican Party?” I’m sorry you two ended up with a bunch of “hairy liberals” (as you two used to like to put it) in your children, but you have to know this was a difficult Presidential election for all of us. M and I actually argued about it! Can you imagine? Not a fight, but an actual debate (albeit, a heated debate). I think you would have been proud, though, even a little surprised how well she held her ground.

Right before the election started its final leg, I was knocked clean out with a terrible flu. Believe it or not, I was home sick for 10 days! Finally got into work for a couple of days before reporting for a jury summons, which I ended up on a three-day panel for an infuriating nuisance civil case. The plaintiff not only perjured herself at almost every turn, she accused every one of the witnesses as bald-faced liars. Moreover, her attorney was an inept nit-wit. Watching his bizarre attempt to prove negligence on the part of the defendant was a painfully embarrassing thing to have to sit through. I mean, I don’t know the law, but I’m pretty sure I know wholly inept council when I see one. When “we the jury” finally had our chance to deliberate, we returned a unanimous verdict in 12 minutes of “not negligent” (a fellow juror timed it). Three days to deliver a verdict most of us were confident about after the first 2 hours of the trial. Ugh! We had the chance to chat with the defense attorney afterward and learned how the case even got to trial, but I’ll save all of that for the next time we chat.

Yes, Mom, Thanksgiving will be at C’s. Some traditions will always be! D & A split up, but you probably heard that already from C. It means A won’t be around this year, which I have to say will seem a little strange. Hopefully P & M won’t choose T-giving to announce their engagement. I think D will be too distracted and sad to be all that happy for them.

I’ll wrap by saying the Seahawks held their own against the Patriots tonight (don’t worry Mom. Pops will explain later). Hope your travels are all you hoped, and that you are having the time of your lives. I miss you. A lot.


(PS – Pops, the plants are fine and your Meyer Lemon tree is blooming!)

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