Zoo Time

It was a wet and cold November Sunday. What do two friends do who don’t feel like doing the typical rainy day thing, like going shopping or catching a movie? Go to the zoo, of course!

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring an extra camera battery, and file space on my phone was full, so nothing here of the lions and tigers, but I managed to get a few snaps of bears, etc.

[Want to see more photography? I moved all my photos to this blog.]



5 thoughts on “Zoo Time

  1. L…Love the pink flamingoes, and of course, the bears! For not too much money, they have a little battery charger that you can take along when you go out…charges your phone and your camera and other tech stuff.


    1. I have a great travel charger, but it doesn’t work for my big ol’ Sony camera battery. And I have 3 batteries! Note to self: Always keep at least one battery charged for those unplanned, last minute, “Oh! I should bring my camera!” outings.


      1. I can’t find a battery for my latest camera Sony RX-10. I ordered one from Amazon, but they can’t ship it here! And…get this, instead of sending me a battery (to a friend’s house in the US), they sent me a battery charger! I can’t return it, because it’s been like six months (and I’m not there)

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