And a very merry solstice to all

Hey, all you Blog Propellants!tbp-banner4_xmas_wk4_edited-1

I received an early Christmas gift of a book of writing prompts from a friend who wasn’t aware I’d shut down TBP.  So, I’ve decided, from time to time, to post writing prompts on this blog with the prompts from the book. To keep it interesting, I’ll mix the book prompts up for you…
you who love you some writin’ prompts!

Before I give you the first prompt, let me wish all of you a wonderful holiday season and the best new year! Thanks for following this blog and keeping in touch.

Now, here’s your prompt: Write a story about friends on vacation in the tropics. Include the following – cockpit, breach, enfold, huntress, knees, chase, violet, loveless, white, mangle.

If you followed The Blog Propellant, you know how this works. Have fun!

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