An Open Letter to Badfish: No Comment. Oh, wait! Check that. What dog?

logo-ovalI follow the blog “Badfish and Chips Cafe,” which is a running journal of one man’s extensive travels around the world. A witty writer, Mr. Badfish’s blog is always a fun and entertaining read.

I know a few of my readers also read his blog, so you’ll know his recent post is not his typical travelog about his latest destination. This time he’s dedicated a post to a couple of his running jokes readers like to join in on (yours truly, included) and a rant about the hysteria around the election of Donald Trump to the Office of President of the United States. Oh, and a humorously expressed concern that he has, after all these years, discovered he possesses every last one of the AMA accepted symptoms that characterize Attention Deficit Disorder (at least, as he interprets them to be).

Now, normally, his posts have oodles of comments, and he responds to every last one of them. Comments and his responses are half the fun of reading his posts. But, this time, probably because of his DJT rant, he turned the Comment option off. Very wise, given the rant, but very cruel and unusual punishment for his regular readers who enjoy the camaraderie!

After pouting about it for a few minutes, I decided to, as the saying goes, put on my Big Girl underpants, and instead of feeling jilted, use my blog as a platform to post a comment. See, the thing is, BF, you can’t stop the signal (that bit’s for all you sci-fi geeks). You can turn off your Comment option, but folks like me will find a way to circumnavigate! (that’s for all you travel geeks).

DEC 30, 2016


BF, BF, BF… Where do I even begin?

(Oh…lookit the cute dog! Isn’t she a cute dog! Hi doggy…)

Hmmm? What?  Sorry! Where was I? Oh, right….

BF, BF, BF…Mexico has absolutely nothing to do with this cute dog here. Or your ex-wife, for that matter, except that it does.  But I agree.  D.Trump should not emulate Putin and take to wearing a thong in public. We’ve seen enough of his ass already. And, you are right that history is packed with poopy world leaders that have done many, many atrocious things. The bodies are buried everywhere to prove it. Not that GWBush or Obama or Reagan or BClinton (or HClinton) buried bodies, but, turns out, they did. Funny, though, my sister and others said it’s easier to say you are Canadian when traveling. Maybe that’s because people think Earth girls are easy.

Wait…what were you saying about a dog? Sorry. My mind tends to wander, but it is never lost. Unless I make a run for POTUS. Losing one’s mind seems to be a requisite for that. And the fundamentalists of any cloth love them a lost mind, that’s for sure.

But, I digress. Dec. 18th has long-since come and gone, so where in the world are you? (I left the Comment option on so you can reply…wink, wink…)


6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Badfish: No Comment. Oh, wait! Check that. What dog?

  1. LRose…I am so sorry to have put you through any kind of trauma!! And I love this piece…it’s PERFECT!! A perfect response, either as a post or a comment…love it. But I have to tell you, I did not turn comments off. For some reason, they turned themselves off, and I had to manually turn them on…never had to do that in a post before. What’s up with that, I wonder? And I was thong-riding-up-the-butt annoyed when I discovered this…because really, the comments are what keep me writing. I have more fun there than the posts! So thanks…for being you, and commenting, and posting this. At the least, you got a cool post for your troubles! happy new year!!!

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    1. Happy New Year to you, too, BF! I popped over to your blog and am pleased to see about 10 comments have since been posted. As I mentioned in my post, several of my readers also follow your blog, but maybe I tweaked other’s interest enough to check your blog out! Looking forward to the next tale of your travels, damaged lobes or not (though I prefer your damaged lobe take on things!)


      1. LRose…yeah, thanks!! Got it up and running properly! Hate when that happens. Never happened before. In the future…one more thing to check to make sure all is OK before publishing…it’s such a chore to blog. Can’t we hire someone to do it for you?

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