The silver lining of making lemonade

silver-cloudCarrying forward my recent Friday Funny, I had to giggle when, at the very moment Trump took his oath of office, I was downing the last 8oz of “prep” before my procedure. I listened to his inaugural speech mostly from my seat in the bathroom. I wished my folks were still alive. They would have gotten the biggest laugh.

Kidding aside, I find a lot of what has transpired since Jan 20th disturbing, as well as encouraging. DJT is used to conducting the business of public opinion via reality TV, so being a drama queen, and encouraging his staff to behave similarly, seems normal to him. That’s the disturbing part. But, I am encouraged seeing hundreds of thousands of people around the globe on the march, reminding Mr. Trump and his staff that a majority of humanity does not find anything about their antics amusing.

Nevertheless, DJT will never cease to act on his convictions as he sees fit , so neither should we. Therein lies the silver lining. Be inspired! Don’t shrug off something that annoys you. Don’t turn your back and just shake your head. Perhaps marching down city streets in a pink cap isn’t your thing, but something is. I don’t recommend anarchy, but remember: Actions speak louder than words (I know, I know. It’s a wretched thought for those of us who love to write).

I’ll stop here, as I don’t want to try anyone’s patience any further. I’ll simply wrap up by declaring that this is not the time to give up. It’s lemonade-from-lemons time.

(and if you want to, read my lemonade from lemons post from a few years ago).

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