An R. Sativus Original

For those of you who followed The Blog Propellant (TBP), you are familiar with regular participant, April, author of the blog, R. Sativus-A Radish in the Rough. Recently, I was in need of April’s professional service as an engraver, and had the pleasure of working with her. It was such a treat, after these several years of following each other’s blogs, to get a chance to talk!

She told me she was throwing in “a little something special” with the item I ordered from her store. If you follow her blog, you’ll know she recently purchased a wood burner (I Heart Driftwood Chips), and now I am in possession of an R. Sativus original wood burned driftwood chip with my blog handle and a little rocket, commemorating my TBP mascot, “Rocket Guy.”

I just had to respond in kind…

Rocket Guy’s got a brand new payload!


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