I suck as an international woman

I went to work today. I had to run errands afterward and I went out to dinner (meaning, I spent money). I didn’t wear anything red.

I suck as an international woman.

The ratio of women to men is significant in my place of work. We joked that, if all the women went out on strike, they’d have to close the office. There’d be too much for the men to have to cover. Anyway, just because it’s Int’l Women’s (Protest) Day, it doesn’t mean we have to bitchy about it. So, we all came in to work.

Oh, I could have put errands off a day and I could have wrapped a red scarf around my neck before leaving for work, but I didn’t. Instead, I wrote this post, because today I watched the men around me either withdraw, or over compensate. Men who I admire. As people. As accomplished, clever, thoughtful…people. I don’t like seeing anyone forced to apologize for being alive.

I don’t disagree there is a discrepancy between the sexes, other than, well, body parts. But I have a problem with days like today, because I don’t think it brings any actual awareness or enlightenment to those who need it. Truth is, these days, it only drives the wedge in tighter and wider.

My argument is this: First, Be a Person. A Human. If you want equality, you must first think of yourself, and treat others, as an equal. Second, Vive la Différence! He can do this, but She can do that! How cool is that! Third, Don’t Give Any Power to the Rest of It. Men aren’t “dickheads,” so much as people are insufferable. Women aren’t “total bitches,” so much as people are stubborn and irrational.

Oh, I know it’s not as simple as all that. But, it’s gotta start somewhere, right?


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