It was July…

Picking through some journals, I came across this from last July:

The Ladies and Gents Who Lunch

Seated for lunch on the deck of a popular bistro in a popular “destination” town, over-looking the vast expanse of Puget Sound, I observe the following:

Middle aged man and his mother seated at the table across from me. Between them sits a mostly finished bottle of white wine and two empty glasses. They are quiet and still, staring past one another. The summer waterfront view is beyond stunning, but neither seems to be reveling in it. Every couple of minutes she says something, like, “This is good wine,” or, “Family is OK?” or, “My salad is very good. Do you like your sandwich?” To each question he gives clipped “yes, no, they’re fine,” replies. When the check arrives, which he says they should split, she thanks him for bringing her to this lovely place. He pours the rest of the wine from the bottle into his glass and gulps it down.

My salad arrives. I take the first bite and immediately choke. The Balsamic vinegar dressing is a bit too much. I shrink as curious eyes surreptitiously spy my spasm. Note to Self: Without a  decent balance of Olive Oil, and maybe a little bit of salt and pepper, Balsamic vinegar can be considered an effective instrument of excruciating torture.

A man and a woman take the table where the son and mother were just seated. They settle in and read the menu. She says she’s going to get a beer. He says he thinks he’ll do the same. They laugh. “What’s your favorite?” he asks. She laughs. He says, “My wife doesn’t like wine.” “Neither do I,” she says, “I only like beer.” He asks if she’s tried a local Micro Brew. She giggles, “I like Killian’s Red. It’s Irish. Like O’Douls.” He smiles and says, “They aren’t actually, like, Micros.” She shrugs, then says, “I taught myself last weekend how to make Mojitos.” This time, he shrugs. “Yeah? I don’t know those. What are those?” She laughs, “You don’t know what a Mojito is?” I think to myself, if they are trying to get it on in the Illicit Affair Department, they need to stop trying to justify their mutual attraction with something other than just simply wanting to get it on.


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