Untitled-1 copyThe Facebook Meme asked:
“Ever experience a glitch in the matrix?”

The replies are as follows…

MLD – One time I was in a small café in [city/state]. A group of chatty high school girls walked by. I found them annoying. A couple of minutes later they walked by again, going in the same direction, still chatty and still annoying.

BFS – [city/state] is constantly glitching. I lived there for nine years. It’s an energy field thing.

RW – I have indeed. God put me on the wrong side of Central Park when I was late for work one time.

BH – I experience déjà vu a minimum of a couple of times a month for as long as I can remember.

MH – My matrix has been stuck on the “blue screen of death” for ages.

CN – Is it like an intestinal thing? If so, then yes.

BH – Possibly. When I lived in [city], there was a route I used to run regularly. One stretch would curve around, and climb, and double back by a wooded area I passed a few minutes earlier in the opposite direction.  One day I saw an old cabin in the wooded area and thought it was funny I hadn’t noticed it before. The next day it wasn’t there, and never was again.

EMW – I know how this sounds, but it happened. I encountered and spoke with a man I knew reasonably well from time to time at work. We weren’t friends, but we worked in the same building and had known each other for several years. I hadn’t seen him around for a while, but that wasn’t uncommon. We didn’t always work the same shift. Later, I found out that on the last day I saw him and said hello, and he said hello back to me, calling me by name and I called him by his name, he’d actually passed away three months earlier. It was an unnerving experience and brings to mind the Shakespeare quote, “There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

RT – Left my body, rewound time, played it back, and then re-entered my body. So, there’s that, I suppose.

RG – I am the glitch in the Matrix

4 thoughts on “Glitched

  1. I had one! I delivered to an old hotel downtown on one of my first nights at work, and when I got off the elevator upstairs I froze because it was exactly the hotel from my dream a few nights earlier.

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