Rained Out

rained out copyToday they announced Seattle received the most rain since they started recording rainfall in 1895; a 122 year-old record for measurable rain from October through April. Nearly 45 inches. And April isn’t over yet. You guessed it; rain is in the forecast this week.

Now, that’s measurable rain, folks. Not the misty, or occasionally drizzly, or sporadically spitting rain, but the steady, “measurable” downpour.

Hey, rain happens. You live in this part of the world, you accept it. Like those who live in the northern mid-west who know a thing or two about snow, we know a thing or two about rain. The difference is, once spring comes to the mid-west, snow goes. Around here, spring comes and the rain just gets warmer. Summer comes, and the rain just gets that much warmer.

The saying goes in the Great North-wet that summer doesn’t actually start until July 5th. The 4th of July is often cloudy, cold and miserable, but the next day the clouds are gone, the sun is high in the sky and we finally get to bask in dry warmth. It is from that point forward that summer sets up camp for the duration of the season, often lingering well into October.

So, we hold fast during the long winter and soggy spring, impatient for summer to arrive, like lost-at-sea sailors, sure that any day now there’ll be the longed for sighting of dry land on the horizon.


2 thoughts on “Rained Out

  1. When I was on the Olympic Peninsula we used to say, “If summer comes on a weekend we can have a picnic.”
    We were mostly kidding about it in those days but you may actually be experiencing it! What?

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    1. Ha-ha! Totally get that joke. There have been summers here that have been pretty dang soggy as well. Mom-nature is just reminding us that we, in fact, at least historically, dwell in rainforest country.


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