Fog, Sun, Wind, Lightning and Rain

…and that’s just the last 12 hours!

Yes, I write about weather a lot. But, think about it: weather is the essential stuff of drama! If it weren’t, then the perfectly coined cliche, “It was a dark and stormy night…” is meaningless.

I want and need to be mindful of the horrific floods in the MidWest this past week. I don’t want to belittle actual tragedy. But, what went down today in my corner of the world was the stuff of so many fantasy fictions.

First, it was the fog. Thick, “pea soup,” coastline fog; the like we rarely, if ever, see around here.  Warm, dense, grey cloudy mist that leaves droplets of water on window screens and a strip of clear blue sunshine on the east horizon. I was completely catapulted back to my California coastline childhood.

By mid-morning the fog had rolled back to the west, as such fogs do, and the first absolutely clear blue skies and bright sun of the year warmed our world all the way up to 70-degrees. Seriously folks, that’s something, given the icky fall and prolonged winter we’ve had. It was hard to believe the forecast was for a sudden drop in temperature and heavy rain fronts, one after the other.

But, this is the Pacific Northwest, and the weather can change that fast. I took a break about 4pm and walked outside. To the north the skies remained clear and bright, but to the south, the skies were not only dark with storm clouds, they were infested with lightning strikes. An hour and half later I was making my way home and the skies had become so dark, every car had its headlights on. Nobody had windshield wipers that could keep pace with the torrential waterfall of rain. I guarantee you, all of us were hoping lightning would not strike the power pole next to where we were driving.

As I write this, the heavy rains and thunderstorms have finally past. It’s been just over 12 hours since the fog I woke up to, an the temperatures have dropped from 70-degrees to 45-degrees. And, another clap of thunder just rolled through the heavens. What an incredibly dramatic day it’s been! So cool.

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