A slow news day

It’s fun to re-read posts from years ago. I had fun writing this one, so decided to repost:


In a statement released to The WordPress Press early Saturday, a local woman woke on Friday with a feeling that it was going to be one of those days.

“I just had a feeling it was going to be one of those days,” she said.

A longtime resident of the North Neighborhood in Big Northwest City, the local woman stated she was already running late for a lunch appointment 10 miles south of Big Northwest City when she recieved a text from the lunch appointment asking to reschedule for a another day.

In the local woman’s released statement, the text read, “I SUCK! It’s a s*** storm over here today! Just noticed the time! Can’t break away! Pls reschedule ASAP! [angry emoticon/weeping out loud emoticon/sticking out tongue and squinting emoticon/flower/sunglasses/pink poodle emoji].”

WordPress Press contacted the local woman for further comment. She stated she replied in a text that a rescheduled lunch appointment would not be a problem, but that selecting a new day and time would have to wait until she returned to her place of employment.

“I left my calendar at work. It was very stressful. All I could do was reply with another pink poodle emoji.”

According to the local woman’s released statement, another connection was missed later that same day. Just as she parked her car on a street downtown at approximately 5:30 pm, she received a frantic cell phone call from the friend she was to meet. According to the local woman, her friend was stuck in traffic far away from Big Northwest City and would be running very late to meet her.

“He was very upset.”  She went on to say, “There might have been an accident, or stalled car that caused the backup, but the radio said something about three major high school/college graduations taking place in town, so maybe that was the reason.”

The WordPress Press could not independently verify her statement. Requests for an interview with the friend went unanswered.

In her closing statement, the woman said, “Ya know, some days are just like that. Whatever.”


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